Gamivo Review (2023) – Is Gamivo Safe To Use & Legit? PROS & CONS

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Product Name: Gamivo

Product Description: Gamivo is a marketplace for digital products. All products sold through GAMIVO are digital. Buying is therefore very fast and easy with no shipping costs. The delivery takes only a few minutes.

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Gamivo is safe to use. It is a marketplace just like G2A, Kinguin, and Eneba. In most cases, there will not be issues but sometimes they can happen. In case of any issues, you can open a support ticket.


  • Quick delivery
  • Very affordable prices
  • Various payment gateways
  • Wide selection of games and software
  • You can even sell game keys
  • Simple to use
  • You can leave review for seller


  • Gamivo will ask your ID for verification purposes
  • There is payment gateway fee which is added to total amount
  • Additional security layer in form of Customer Protection is paid additionaly if you wish to use it
  • Sometimes long time to get support response

Gamivo is a marketplace for digital products. Just like G2A, Kinguin, and Eneba. You can buy game keys as a buyer or be a seller and sell on their platform. In this Gamivo review, I will show you what this marketplace offers, its features, as well as pros and cons.

The GAMIVO Marketplace does not provide the delivery of physical products i.e. boxes or DVDs. All products sold through GAMIVO are digital. Buying is therefore very fast and easy with no shipping costs. The delivery takes only a few minutes.

On Gamivo, you can purchase Steam, Origin, Uplay, GOG, Epic Games,, Bethesda game keys.

You can even purchase Google Play gift card, Windows and Office keys, iTunes gift card, XBOX live keys and membership, Nintendo cd keys, various gift card prepaid keys, Playstation Network card, PUBG cases, Amazon gift cards, software licenses, etc.


As you can see Gamivo has a huge selection of products just like G2A, Kinguin, and Eneba. From which marketplace to purchase is up to you. It is best to choose a marketplace that offers your desired game key for the cheapest price.

Gamivo Review – Gamivo How It Works?

Upon a successful purchase you receive a fully legitimate, digital activation code sent to your email address.

All you need to do then is to follow the product activation details and use the code on the correct platform like Steam, Blizzard, Origin, Uplay, or any other, specified in the description.

Only registered users can buy products on GAMIVO.

The site is easy to navigate and use so you can browse the catalog and get what you want. You can sort games based on platforms, genres, popularity, newest, pre-orders, see under 5€ or 10€ products, see bestselling titles, recently sold, most wanted, etc.

How To Buy?

Buying on Gamivo is easy and shouldn’t represent any issue. In order to purchase you will need to register an account on Gamivo so be sure to do that.

Time needed: 3 minutes

  1. Find game

    You can use a search bar at the top of the site to find the game you wish to purchase.

    how to buy on gamivo

  2. Select seller

    On the product listing page, you can click on the “Buy now” button or scroll down to the end to see the list of all sellers.

    I recommend scrolling down as the “Buy now” option at the top is usually not the cheapest price. When you scroll down you will see a list of sellers that sell key for that particular game.

    Choose a seller with the cheapest price or with the best rating.

    gamivo pros

  3. Adding to cart

    When you add the game to cart you will see a popup (if you don’t have Gamivo Smart membership) to buy the game at regular price or with Smart price (with discount).

    gamivo cons

  4. Shopping cart

    Proceeding to checkout will offer you the option to apply discount code if you have one and choose if you wish to use the Customer Protection Program. Be noted that it is paid additionally.

    If you have Gamivo Smart you don’t need to pay for Customer Protection as it is already included in Gamivo Smart Membership as a perk.

    You also need to select your country and if your country is in the EU, the tax will be added to the total price. You can avoid this by selecting Outside of EU option as Gamivo doesn’t really check that.

    can gamivo be trusted

  5. Choose payment method

    Gamivo offers a wide selection of available payment methods. You have PayPal, Skrill, credit cards, Google Pay, RazerGold, WebMoney, iDeal, Gamivo balance, etc.

    gamivo scam

  6. Payment summary

    Be noted that an additional 1.31€ payment gateway fee will be added to a total amount no matter which payment gateway you choose to pay.

    Only paying with Gamivo balance, SkinWallet, RazerGold, and Unikoin Gold don’t have a payment fee.

  7. Complete the payment

    After completing a payment you will get your key in a few minutes. You will get an email with your key and also you can access it from your Gamivo account.

What Is Gamivo Smart Subscription?

Gamivo Smart is a VIP subscription plan for everyone that wants to enjoy some additional Gamivo features. It costs 1.99€ per month.

You can receive some extra perks each month which you stayed subscribed to Gamivo Smart. Check post is Gamivo Smart worth it for more info.

gamivo smart subscription

Here is what you get in Gamivo Smart Subscription:

1. Exclusive discounts

All GAMIVO SMART subscribers get a special coupon that can be applied to games. Often the discount received using coupon surpasses the price of the subscription.

2. Best deals alerts

You will receive alerts that will list up current best deals and special promotions such as flash sales, or seasonal special event.

3. Giveaways

As a member of GAMIVO SMART you will by default take a part in giveaways.

They say that as a form of a reward for your loyalty and involvement in subscription plan you get a priority during the raffles. This means the odds of winning are much higher for you.

4. Customer protection program 

All of your purchases on the Gamivo store will be covered by the protection program giving you an assurance that each purchase will be finalized without any problems.

Be noted that usually, customer protection is optional when purchasing games. All purchases on GAMIVO are protected by Customer Support Team dy default.

Having Customer Protection Program guarantees additional layer of service.

5.Customer service live chat access

Gamivo Smart users have access to live chat support. This is not available to regular users.

If any problems occur, you are feeling unsure about a purchase or maybe want to discuss any details and clear doubts, you can just join customer service live chat and ask support member.

6. Pre-order delivery priority

If you purchase the future release of the game and want to be sure that you will get it right when it is released, if you are Gamivo Smart subscriber you will be moved to the first places in the waiting queue and receive a delivery priority.

gamivo how it works

Store FAQ

Here are some of the most asked questions regarding Gamivo:

1. Is Gamivo Safe To Use?

Yes, Gamivo is safe to use. It is a marketplace just like G2A, Kinguin, and Eneba. In most cases, there will not be issues but sometimes they can happen. In case of any issues, you can open a support ticket.

2. Can Gamivo Be Trusted?

Yes, Gamivo can be trusted. You can also see reviews from previous buyers on Trustpilot.

3. Is Gamivo Legit?

Yes, Gamivo is legit. It is a fairly new marketplace compared to G2A and Kinguin but it is slowly rising and already established as a legit website.

4. What Is Gamivo Smart?

Gamivo Smart is a VIP subscription model that offers monthly perks for those who decide to purchase it for 1.99€/month.

Gamivo PROS & CONS

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Gamivo marketplace:


  • Quick delivery of purchased game keys.
  • Very affordable prices on various gaming titles compared to prices on G2A and Kinguin.
  • Huge selection of payment gateways.
  • You can sell game keys (check how to sell on Gamivo).
  • There is a wide range of software and game keys available.


  • Gamivo will most likely ask you for ID verification when you purchase for the first time. It will not ask you again after you verify it. This can be off-putting for some buyers but that is standard practice will almost every game key marketplace.
  • After adding game to cart you also need to pay payment gateway fee of 1.31€ depending on which payment gateway you choose. This is also standard practice with every online store.
  • Customer Protection Program is paid additionally if you wish to use it. It is usually 1€ but it can be more. If you have a Gamivo Smart subscription you get Customer Protection for free.
  • Sometimes you need to wait a long time to receive a support response.
  • For now, you cant leave a review for the seller.

Is Gamivo Legit Or Scam?

GAMIVO.COM is a marketplace for video games distributed as digital activation codes and can be considered as one of Steam alternatives for buying games. Being a newer such site, they’re on a mission of bringing something better to the already competitive video game e-commerce market.

Any site that deals with a lot of merchants and CD key sources is bound to make mistakes and provide a broken key from time to time. But the speed and accuracy of Gamivo services have been pretty impressive.

If you are interested in how Gamivo compares with other marketplaces like Kinguin, Eneba, and G2A then be sure to check my Gamivo vs G2A vs Kinguin vs Eneba comparison where I have in detail compared features and fess of each marketplace.

7 thoughts on “Gamivo Review (2023) – Is Gamivo Safe To Use & Legit? PROS & CONS”

  1. They don’t send the keys instantly and put my keys on “hold” even though they took my money.

    Scammy website, stay away.

  2. Do not buy at Gamivo, it’s a fraudulent company that uses deceptive methods to charge services you never asked for. They add them as checkboxes that are checked by default, then start to automatically steal money from your credit card every month.They use “terms” you apparently accepted, but to be honest, you are not going to read them right?! Do not buy there, you will get scammed.

    • Hi John,

      If you are referring to Gamivo Smart it is unchecked by default. If you refer to Purchase Protection, then yes it is enabled by default and I suggest you untick that checkbox as it is an unnecessary cost. You get Purchase Protection without paying extra.

    These guys sold me a Shadowlands code, 2 days later the code got deactivated. Contacted support to find out these guys sold me a code that was purchased using a stolen credit card. Then when I tried to get a refund they tell me i have to wait for the vendor to “investigate” so now i won’t have Shadowlands when it drops… Super Mad.

    • Hi Kevin,

      The GAMIVO doesn’t actually sell anything. They are just a marketplace like Ebay. The seller who sells on GAMIVO sold you the key. Just contact support and you will get replacement key or refund.


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