What Is Gamivo Smart Subscription & Is It Worth It? How To Cancel Gamivo Smart?

What is Gamivo Smart? Gamivo is an online marketplace for digital products, similar to Eneba, G2A, and Kinguin. You can use Gamivo site to buy or sell game keys.

Gamivo’s VIP subscription service is called Gamivo Smart. It provides additional benefits for members and can be purchased for 1.99€/month. Extra perks are available for each month that your subscription is active.


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What Is Gamivo Smart?

What is Gamivo Smart subscription? Gamivo Smart is a VIP membership subscription. You can access special discounts and purchase specific items with a 10% rebate.

You are also given top priority for any titles that you pre-order. You even get access to a live chat feature with the support team whenever necessary and you won’t have to pay for the additional layer of the Customer Protection Program.

gamivo smart subscription

Smart members are allowed to participate in exclusive giveaways. Members can even use an alert system to be notified when there is a deal on the games that they want to play.

How To Activate Gamivo Smart?

It is very simple to activate Gamivo Smart. The Service can be activated either on Smart membership page or during purchase on Gamivo website:

  1. Buying games

    You can activate the Gamivo Smart option before completing the product checkout process when buying items on Gamivo’s website.

    Gamivo Smart review and perks you get.

  2. Making purchase

    After confirmation, you’ll be redirected to the payment gateway.

  3. Getting access

    You’ll receive an email message regarding the contract between you and Gamivo.com regarding Gamivo Smart as soon as your payment status has been finalized.

Is Gamivo Smart Worth It?

Is Gamivo Smart worth it for the price paid? Here is what you get in Smart subscription:

1. Exclusive discounts

Members will get coupons that can be applied toward game purchases. The coupon can be used up to three times each month.

Some coupon discounts can even exceed the cost of the Smart subscription.

2. Best deals alerts

Members receive regular updates about seasonal sales, flash events, and other special promotions and offers.

3. Giveaways

All Smart members will automatically be involved in giveaways by default.

Subscribers are given priority during raffles as a way of thanking them for their loyalty as a customer. This can also increase your likelihood of winning.

Is Gamivo Smart worth it to purchase?

4. Customer protection program 

Any items that you buy on Gamivo’s website are automatically protected in case of issues.

But with Smart membership you get an additional layer of protection giving you an assurance that each order will be completed without issue.

5.Customer service live chat access

Subscribers have an advantage over other users of Gamivo’s site as can use the live support chat feature.

They can join live chat support whenever they have a concern or issue with a product that they’ve purchased. This is not available to regular users.

6. Pre-order delivery priority

Members are given priority for any pre-order titles on Gamivo.com. They’ll be moved to the front of the delivery queue ahead of non-subscribers.

How To Cancel Gamivo Smart?

If you should ever decide to cancel your Gamivo Smart subscription, start by going to the SMART section of your account.

You can end your contract with Gamivo.com whenever you wish. Your service will still remain active until the billing period expires.

Gamivo Smart Review Conclusion

So what is Gamivo Smart and is it worthy investment? Smart subscription is what G2A Plus is on G2A marketplace (see G2A review). Check what is G2A Plus to find more about it.

Is Gamivo Smart worth it? Well, it depends. If you regularly buy on Gamivo, you will get your investment back with the use of special discount provided to members.

Sure, Gamivo often provdes 5-10% discount to all users on selected titles, but still having coupon which you can use sitewide will surely get investment back with first purchase.

I don’t think other perks like pre-order delivery priority, automatic participation in giveaways, best deal alerts, etc.are much worth it. Though access to chat is useful

I would recommend buying Smart subscription only if you intend to buy at least 3 games per month using discount. You can also deactivate membership whenever you want.

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  1. Ah, found it.
    Yes, you have to press “cancel” in the SMART-section.
    Right next to “change”. – you do not cancel the change, as I first thought.

  2. So it looks like im being scammed. Because i never signed up for the subscription. In fact it still says sign up for it while its still charging me! Only good side paypal is declining it because i dont have anymore money. The sammers took it all!


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