Is Humble Bundle Legit & Safe To Use? Humble Bundle Review PROS & CONS (2023)

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Product Name: Humble Bundle

Product Description: Humble Bundle is an online service that offers great deals for games, software, books, audiobooks, and even comic books that you can keep forever.

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Humble Bundle is a great online store which is most famous thanks to game bundles they often have on sale. These bundles many times include popular AAA titles.


  • Part of payment goes to charity
  • Various gaming, software, book, etc. bundles
  • Often sales
  • Humble Choice
  • You can purchase as a gift
  • Pay what you want pricing model with bundles
  • No additional fees like payment gateway fee


  • $1=1 eur pricing model
  • Can close your account for various reasons or ban you from purchasing
  • Slow customer support
  • Not many payment options

Humble Bundle is a good place to buy games online. They offer various gaming titles at affordable prices. But is Humble Bundle legit and safe to use? In this Humble Bundle review I will show its pros and cons.

Humble Bundle is an online store. Users can buy gaming titles and game bundles at discounted prices. Bundles consist of both old and new gaming titles, educational software/books, comics, and more.


Humble Bundle has a vast gaming catalog and regular sales. Games and bundles are offered at very discounted prices. The company also donates a portion of each sale to charity.

Humble Bundle Review

Most of the Humble Bundle’s selection is PC titles. They partner with various game publishers, they can provide independent titles as well as popular AAA titles.

Humble Bundle recently also added Nintendo Switch games developed by third parties and Nintendo itself.

You can buy digital codes for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and other titles there.

Humble Bundle specializes in video games, but there are also plenty of non-gaming items as well.

Programming tutorials, video editing software, tabletop RPG guides, and comic books can be also purchased.

Humble Bundle’s book offerings are only available as limited-time deals. They can’t be bought separately like gaming titles.

Is Humble Bundle Legit?

So, is Humble Bundle legit & worth it? Yes, it is legit. The company has been around since 2010. Their success and authenticity can be verified by dozens of independent reviewers and a vast amount of satisfied customers.

Most game keys that you receive from their site can be redeemed on the Steam platform. Some game keys may need to be activated on Uplay, Epic Games or Origin so watch out what it says for which platform will be purchased game.

Is Humble Bundle Safe To Use?

All of the game keys on Humble Bundle’s site come directly from the game publishers. They are perfectly legitimate. It’s comparable to buying games from Origin or Steam, for example.

Bundles found on Humble Bundle are very cheap. For most, you can pay whatever amount you want that’s above the minimum price.

You can choose which pricing tier you wish to purchase.

Humble Bundle also donates to charity. To date, they have given more than $185 million to various charities since their business began.

You can use the PayPal Giving Fund to specify a charity that you want to donate to with the purchase of certain games on their site.

You can filter through more than 35,000 non-profit groups that participate. They can be sorted according to category and country.

How Humble Bundle Works?

Humble Bundle is just an online marketplace. It isn’t a launcher or a program. You won’t find live streaming features, community boards, user reviews, or the other kinds of premium services that Steam and other similar platforms offer.

Humble Bundle is a place where you can go to buy inexpensive video games. They offer a streamlined, intuitive interface. You can browse games by categories, such as virtual reality, racing, or puzzle.

You can also look for new releases, sales, and game bundles. Games can also be filtered by any applicable digital rights management (DRM) that they use.

You’ll get a game code either for Steam, GOG, or Epic Games platform depending on the title. Origin and Uplay titles are redeemed by directly connecting with your account on that platforms. You will not get a key for those two.

In addition, you can manage your game keys, or give them to a friend, via your Humble account.

How to buy from Humble Bundle?

  1. Find game

    Find the game you wish to purchase. You can use search bar which is located at the top.

  2. Product page

    After you find the desired game title, click on it to see product page. This page contains useful info such as price, platform on which game is activated, description, etc.

  3. Add to cart

    When ready click “Add to cart” button.
    How to purchase on Humble Bundle?

  4. Checkout

    The next step is checkout. You will need to be logged in to purchase. Payment options are credit card, PayPal and AliPay.How to buy on Humble Bundle?

  5. Receiving key

    After completing payment, you will be redirected to page where you can find your game key.

How Is Humble Bundle So Cheap?

You may see game bundles valued at $200 or more on Humble Bundle’s site that are sold for around fifteen to twenty dollars. How can they manage to sell these bundles for such a low price?

The quoted value may not necessarily be correct. The bundle may include older games that often sell at a lower price compared to its declared value. This can entice newer players to play an older title and give the game some popularity in the process.

There’s a good chance that many people in the game’s target audience have already bought the game at some point.

Also, as the games are distributed digitally, the game publisher doesn’t have to worry about any additional packaging or shipping costs in distributing more copies of a particular title.

Humble Bundle also signs volume discount arrangements with game publishers. This is done in exchange for Humble Bundle’s guarantee that a certain minimum number of particular games are sold. Humble Bundle can then sell those titles for lower prices.

Lower game prices can create additional goodwill and trust with potential buyers. Humble Bundle’s pricing strategy is innovative and rather revolutionary in the industry.

The value of a specific video game can be subjective. For instance, a particular gamer might not want to pay more than $20 for a copy of Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Another player may be willing to pay much more for that title. Low prices and donations to charity are good public relations moves that are too tempting for game publishers to pass up.

Why Should You Buy?

Why should you buy games on Humble Bundle’s site instead of purchasing them directly from game publishers? Because Humble Bundle has sales on a regular basis.

You will often see titles at 40, 60, or even 80 percent discount just by casually scrolling through their selections. You can save money on offers that are exclusive only to Humble Bundle.

The company made a name for itself with its bundle offerings. New bundles are added to their site every several weeks. These Humble bundles are only available for a limited time.

Humble Bundle has game, book, and software bundles.

You can pay what you want for these bundles, which is different from most other game seller sites. Paying certain minimums can unlock additional games in that bundle as an added incentive.

All sales on Humble Bundle’s site benefit a particular charity. Humble Bundle has donated money to the World Wildlife Federation, Save the Children, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, and many other organizations.

Certain charities are linked with particular game bundles. Humble Bundle gives five percent of its revenue to a different charity each month.

Some bundles let you choose what percent of your purchase goes where or let you choose the charity that will receive a donation.

What Kind Of Bundles Can You Find?

Humble Bundle site has different game bundles every month. Their curator’s select games from games in different genres so there are titles that gamers of all interests can enjoy.

They have an easy bundle formula. One new or old AAA title is included, along with a few high-budget independent titles or AA games.

Example of game bundle.

The rest of the games in bundles are either low-budget indies or DLC titles. And for regular bundles that aren’t part of the monthly subscription, you can get multiple games for as little as 1 dollar. This is based on the flexible pricing model where you pay what you want.

You can access all games by paying more than the average price. You can choose how your money is divided between Humble Bundle, the game publishers, and charities.

Humble Choice Monthly

Humble Bundle Monthly is a subscription service known as Humble Choice. There are three tiers.

The subscriptions provide customers with Humble Bundle game store benefits, coupons, and a selection of games each month at a very low price.

Humble Choice’s key selling point is their game bundles that rotate monthly. Bundles are assembled from a wide variety of titles so that each bundle satisfies multiple genre interests.

Humble Choice can consist of great gaming titles.

The subscription was known as Humble Monthly before December 2019. Humble Monthly charged a flat $12 monthly rate to all subscribers. Customers received ten games every month under the same formula that they still use today.

Now, you have 3 tiers to choose from- Lite, Basic, and Premium.

  • Lite 4.99 EUR – Access to 90+ DRM-free games in the Humble Trove, 10% off most Humble Store purchases, and Limited access to Humble Originals.
  • Basic 13.99 EUR  Choose 3 games to keep every month, Access to 90+ DRM-free games in the Humble Trove, and 10% off most Humble Store purchases.
  • Premium 17.99 EUR –  Choose 9 games to keep every month, Access to 90+ DRM-free games in the Humble Trove, 20% off most Humble Store purchases, and Access to Humble Originals.

I don’t think that the Basic or Lite packages are worth buying. Choose the Premium level if you’re going to subscribe to Humble Bundle.

You don’t get any games at the Lite level. All you can do is pick from more than ninety different DRM-free games in the Humble Trove. Most of them are older titles, low-budget independent games, and free titles.

Humble Monthly existing subscribers were allowed to keep the prior subscription plan of receiving ten games for $12 per month when the switch was made to Humble Choice. New subscribers can only access the three-tiered Humble Choice subscription system.

Humble FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Humble Bundle site:

1. How Humble Bundle works?

Humble Bundle is an online marketplace where you can buy various gaming titles but also game, software, book, etc. bundles

2.What is Humble Bundle?

Humble Bundle is an online game store with vast catalog and often sales.

3. Is Humble Bundle worth it?

Yes, Humble Bundle is worth it, especially it’s bundle offers.

4. Are Humble Bundle keys global?

In most cases keys are global, but there are also occasions when some keys are region locked. In most cases keys from bundles are global, but the ones in store are often region locked.

5. Is Humble Bundle legit?

Yes, Humble Bundle is legit site.

6. Who owns Humble Bundle?

In October 2017, the company was acquired by Ziff Davis through its IGN Entertainment subsidiary.

7. What is Humble Bundle Choice?

Humble Choice is monthly subscription where each month you get collection of games depending on your subscription plan.

8. What is Humble Bundle Trove?

The Humble Trove is a catalog of 90+ DRM-free games and Humble Originals.

9. Can Humble Bundle be trusted?

Yes, Humble Bundle can be trusted. It is perfectly legit store.

10. Can you refund Humble Bundle games?

In some cases refund is possible.

11. How can Humble Bundle be so cheap?

They have special arrangements with various game publishers, and thanks to that they can offer discounts.

12. Can you sell Humble Bundle keys?

They don’t allow selling Humble Bundle keys. But you can gift them.

13. Can you gift Humble Bundle games?

Yes, you can gift game keys via gift link.

Humble Bundle Review Conclusion

Humble Bundle lets people buy games at low prices. They have an impressive library of titles, along with good buying choices and regular deals. Humble Bundle also has some great working relationships with a wide variety of charitable organizations.

You can receive some great underrated independent games for only a few dollars. You can also donate to charity at the same time. Subscribing to Humble Choice can bring you some great games each month too.

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