MMOGA Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Is MMOGA Legit & Safe To use?

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Product Name: MMOGA

Product Description: MMOGA is one of the major digital distributors selling game keys, gamecards, FIFA Coins, virtual currencies, etc. The company is based in Hong Kong and sells worldwide.

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A wide variety of products in the area of games, online gaming, virtual currencies, gamecards and more can be found in our MMOGA marketplace.


  • Huge selection of various products
  • Variety of payment methods at disposal
  • You can buy in-game items and currencies
  • You can be buyer or seller
  • Various in-game items and currencies available


  • Delivery of game cards and currencies are not always on time
  • They might also ask for additional verification during checkout
  • Like with any marketplace with third-party sellers there are bound to be ocassional issues
  • As MMOGA is mediator, the whole process can take time before transaction is done is one of the oldest online CD key marketplaces. In this MMOGA review I will discuss is MMOGA legit and safe to use site, as well as it pros and cons.

The site began with buying and selling of in-game gold. Gold is a currency that most players use in massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs).

The popularity of World of Warcraft and other similar titles has helped MMOGA become one of the best places to go to buy virtual currency. Later they added digital CD keys to their product line.


The site offers various power leveling items and virtual currencies for many well-known games. It sounds like a great site for gamers, but authenticity is always important.

MMOGA Review

It’s not easy or cheap to purchase game currency and in-game products. Most of these items have to be obtained on other websites. You may have to visit multiple sites just to find the things you want for one game.

MMOGA is an online platform that allows people to trade online game activation codes and virtual goods. The company first concentrated on online game virtual items.

Just few MMOGA categories from its huge catalog selection.

People could buy virtual currency for popular MMORPGs. Entire current accounts, avatars service levels (letting third parties play the game for you to advance your character), and other items were available for Guild Wars, Everquest 2, World of Warcraft (WoW), and other well-known titles.

There are virtual currencies, game cards, games, and other gaming items on MMOGA’s site. You can find Aion Kinah, Final Fantasy 14 Gil, WoW gold, FIFA coins for Ultimate Team mode, etc.

You can buy gaming related items and coins.

All game cards and game keys purchased on MMOGA are guaranteed to be delivered via email within five to ten minutes so that you can immediately start to download your game, unlock game items, etc. Virtual currencies are usually sent in twenty-four hours or less.

MMOGA has quickly become the online virtual goods mediation leader. Their product lines continue to expand, and their special offers and regular deals help customers purchase the games that they want at prices that are very affordable.

They even have separate website called MMOGA Power where third-party sellers can sell physical items, mostly gaming related electronics.

Is MMOGA Legit Or Scam?

MMOGA first opened to the German market. It now offers products for Spanish, French, and English-speaking markets. There sell virtual currencies and other game related services and items.

Final Fantasy, Maplestory, and World of Warcraft are some of the games that you can purchase items for. Level ups for NBA 2K and FIFA coins are also available, as well as services for Pokemon Go and other mobile games.

So is MMOGA legit site? Yes, it is safe to use MMOGA store.

How MMOGA Works?

MMOGA’s website is accessible on mobile devices and desktop computers. It’s a great place for gamers who often use their cell phones to purchase gaming products.

The site interface is very intuitive. At the top of each web page, you’ll find tabs that will redirect you to different areas. Dropdown menus are available for games that use digital currencies. You can also use the site’s search feature to find the items that you want.

It’ simple to shop on MMOGA’s site. Select the products that you want, and you can complete your order in a few mouse clicks. The site has the best offers and value for game currencies and game items.

You can buy game keys, game cards, and virtual money for Age of Conan, Aion, World of Warcraft, and other popular titles. They also have EA Games direct downloads, Playstation Network cards, Xbox 360 Microsoft Live points, and much more.

The MMOGA app can be downloaded from the Google Play store. They also have live support staff who can answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

All pre-orders are sent as soon as those items have been released. You can always refer back to the product page for specific games to learn when different pre-releases will be available.

Every MMOGA product is virtual. They are delivered either in-game or via email, so there are no shipping or handling costs to take into consideration.

How To Buy On MMOGA?

MMOGA is just the mediator. They don’t actually sell anything. Third-party sellers sell the items you can purchase on the MMOG site.

On its Platform, MMOGA hosts sellers’ invitations to Buyers – in the form of offer text and images – to submit an offer by clicking on the ‘Buy’ buttons.

After adding goods to the basket by clicking on the ‘Buy’ button and clicking ‘Order’ at the end of the order process, the Buyer is submitting a legally binding offer for the goods in question.

MMOGA is mediator in transactions between buyers and sellers.

MMOGA forwards buyers’ offers to the seller for review. Sellers will deliver the items to the buyer in the specified period of time if they accept the offer.

The following payment methods are accepted by MMOGA, along with several others:

MMOGA accepts the following payment methods PayPal, Paysafecard, Mobile Payment, Bitcoin, and Altcoins, Skrill, Carte Bleue, Maestro, Visa Delta/Debit, CartaSi, Dankort, Nordea Solo, iDEAL, Laser, EPS (Netpay), POLi, PostePay, and many more.

MMOGA doesn’t actually sell games, nor does it play games to earn products. It’s just the acts as a mediator marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. How to buy on MMOGA?

  1. Finding product

    Sellers offer virtual and digital items for sale.

  2. Selecting offer

    Buyers will only see the best available offers for products on MMOGA’s website.

  3. Placing order

    Buyers can place orders by adding items to their online shopping cart. Selecting the “order” option then creates a legally binding agreement between the buyer and seller for that product

  4. Forwarding offer

    MMOGA will send offers made on their site to the seller(s) to evaluate. Sellers can either accept or reject the offer.

  5. Seller accepts offer

    Sellers will specify the payment terms if they accept an offer. The buyer can then pay for their items.

  6. Receiving payment

    MMOGA handles all payment processing. They will then inform the seller that the particular items that the buyer ordered have been paid for.

  7. Receiving order

    The seller(s) then deliver(s) the goods to the buyer.

  8. Seller receives money

    After the customers have successfully received their items, MMOGA sends money to the seller, minus any intermediate commissions that may be due.


1. Why does MMOGA ask for ID?

Sometimes it is needed to confirm buyer identity due to the security reasons.

2. Who owns MMOGA?

MMOGA is a privately held company based in Hong Kong. They focus on offering a wide range of services for online games and virtual goods. 

3. How MMOGA works?

MMOGA is a mediator between buyers and sellers.

4. How is MMOGA so cheap?

All products on the MMOGA site are offered by third-party sellers. In order to be competitive, they need to offer reduced prices.

5. Is MMOGA safe to use?

MMOGA is safe to use site.

6. Is MMOGA trusted site?

Yes, MMOGA is a trusted site which operates for a long time.

7. Why prices on MMOGA change often?

The prices for digital goods and virtual currencies can fluctuate due to supply and demand. They operate just like stock market commodities. Different game servers may also have different prices.

MMOGA Trustpilot & Customer Reviews

Reading reviews we can see that many previous customers have given MMOGA great reviews and ratings. Users are impressed with their prices and quick delivery.

MMOGA has been around for several years. It has a great record, but it isn’t perfect. Some users expressed concern about not receiving items until three days after their transactions occurred.

For more MMOGA reviews, you can check MMOGA Trustpilot reviews to see what others have said about it and how was their experience in using the store.

MMOGA Review Conclusion

MMOGA was established in 2008. It focuses on selling virtual currencies, and other digital game items.

You can find game cards, debit cards, game keys, iTunes gift cards, and other items on their site. You can also find virtual money and helpful in-game items for various gaming titles.

MMOGA users enjoy the wide range of products, different payment options, and digital distribution methods that are offered.

The site has more than 4.5 million registered users who complete hundreds of thousands of orders on a monthly basis. MMOGA is one of the most used and most trusted online game marketplaces today.

As MMOGA alternative, Gameflip is most similar to MMOGA if we take the principle of operation into mind. For more info, you can check my Gameflip review.

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