Is IndieGala Safe & Legit? IndieGala Review PROS & CONS (2023)

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Product Name: IndieGala

Product Description: IndieGala is a game development studio, digital distribution platform, and online game store.

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You can find more than 3,000 different titles in their store. They have an impressive assortment of PC titles ranging from well-known AAA titles to indie games.


  • Often sales
  • No additional fees like payment gateway fee
  • They don’t have just store but also giveaways, trade section, auctions, quizzes
  • Regular discounts and promotions
  • Instant key delivery
  • Wide selection of games
  • You can purchase with Razer Gold and cryptocurrency
  • You often get bonus game for purchases (low value indie games)


  • Regional restrictions are not clearly stated
  • Sometimes when you purchase game key and wan’t to reveal it, it shows error and you need to contact support

IndieGala is a game development studio, digital distribution platform, and online game store. In this IndieGala review, I will give answer is IndieGala safe and legit store, and what are the pros and cons of purchasing there.

IndieGala has changed a lot since they first started operations in a garage in December 2011.

They distribute various game titles and develop video games. IndieGala’s free digital distribution platform has been available to all independent game developers across the globe since 2019.


IndieGala offers an impressive catalog of games. They hold regular sales and are a popular alternative to Humble Bundle and other similar sites with their various bundle offerings.

IndieGala Review – Store Catalogue

Is IndieGala safe to use site? IndieGala partners directly with more than 300 individual developers and game publishers.

The game keys that are for sale on their website were received from authorized distributors, publishers, or developers. So yes, IndieGala is legit store.

The majority of the products that customers receive will be in the form of game keys for Steam.

You can find more than 3,000 different titles in their store. They have an impressive assortment of PC titles ranging from well-known AAA titles to indie games.

Iceberg Interactive, Team 17, Bandai Namco, Nordic Games, Paradox, Deep Silver, and Techland are just some of the many publishers for which IndieGala is an official partner.

IndieGala Bundles

Adding music to video game bundles was a brand new idea that IndieGala started. Most of their bundles only have Steam keys for the included games.

Happy hours are usually held during IndieGala’s bundle sales. During that time, you can receive additional copies of a bundled game that you can give to family members or friends.

IndieGala also has weekly bundle deals, much like Humble Bundle. The basic pay what you want method is how many of their deals are promoted.

How Does IndieGala Work?

You don’t have to register an account on IndieGala’s site. All you need to do is to add your email address in the form that appears.

This will automatically create an account for you. You will also need to set a password for your account.

A temporary password will be sent to the email address that you provided. From there you can add your own custom password.

You can always access your profile account on the site and see your purchases. You can always get to your downloadable content and game keys whenever you want.

The final price (including VAT) is always displayed in the appropriate currency.

Time needed: 2 minutes

How to buy on IndieGala site?

  1. Find game

    You can browse the site to find game you wish to purchase. You can also use search bar to enter game name.

  2. Add to cart

    When you find the game you wish to buy, just click “Add to cart” button.

  3. Checkout

    Here you can review products you added to cart, enter coupon code if you have one, and click on Proceed button once you are ready to pay.

  4. Payment

    On the payment page there are several payment methods you can use. I like that it has option to pay via Razer Gold and cryptocurrencies.

  5. Receiving key

    After payment you can access your purchased key by going to your profile, then selecting library.


GalaCredit is the digital account balance option that IndieGala offers. You can buy items on their website with the credits in your account.

There are different ways to earn credits. You can play Gala Live Quiz to earn credits or you can purchase credits directly on the IndieGala site.

Credits can be used to complete orders on IndieGala bundles or to pay for the items in the IndieGala store if you have enough of them.

If you don’t have the necessary GalaCredits to complete a purchase, you can add the difference in one of the multiple payment methods.

There are no expiration dates on GalaCredit. They can even be upgraded to GalaSilver. GalaSilver can be used to take part in auctions, giveaways, and much more.

Gala Live Quiz

IndieGala’s online trivia game is called Gala Live Quiz. Their website will host a competition that asks different trivia questions.

Players need to try to answer all questions within the given time. Each Gala Live Quiz consists of ten questions. Questions must be answered within ten seconds.

To participate in a Gala Live Quiz, you’ll need IndieGala registered account. .

Up to $200 in GalaCredit can be won in each Gala Live Quiz. Those credits can be used to buy items on IndieGala’s site.

Prizes are divided among the users that correctly answered all of the trivia questions. Prizes of up to $1,000 GalaCredit can be awarded in a monthly grand prize and other events.

Gala Live Quizzes are held usually about three times every week. They don’t follow a set calendar and aren’t held on specific days or at certain times of the day.

Hints will be given before quizzes are promoted, so regular site users will be able to be ready beforehand.

Watching IndieGala’s push notifications, newsletters and social media pages can give people clues as to when the next quiz will begin.

How IndieGala Giveaways Work?

Hundreds of weekly raffles can be found in the Giveaways section of the IndieGala site. There are official raffles created by members of IndieGala’s staff and raffles created by IndieGala user community members.

Users manage their own raffles. They determine who is eligible to enter and when each raffle begins and ends. A winner will be decided at random after a specific raffle is over.

An IndieGala account is all that’s required to be able to participate in a giveaway or create your own giveaway.

You can buy an entry ticket if you have the right user level and enough coins to take part in a giveaway. All you need to do is to enter the giveaway and purchase your ticket. From there, you can select the TAKE PART option that appears on your screen.

The silver coins that are necessary for the giveaway that you’re entering will be subtracted from the total coins that you’ve amassed for that day.

Only one ticket can be purchased for each standard giveaway. You can buy an unlimited number of tickets for Extra-Odds giveaways.

A full list of all current giveaways is on the giveaways homepage of IndieGala’s website. You can use the search tool if you want to find a particular giveaway.

Giveaways can also be sorted by the total number of participants, ticket price, and giveaway end date. You can enter any giveaway that you have enough coins for.

Coins let you take part in giveaways by buying tickets. Coins aren’t returned after they’ve been spent.

Winners are picked at random by the system once a raffle has ended. A random number generator is used to determine the winner.


You can also participate in auctions. Virtual silver coins are used in auctions on IndieGala’s site.

Everyone entered in a particular auction is competing with one another. The auction will win the highest bidder.

However, there is one important difference with the IndieGala Giveaways section. You can only create an auction with games bought on IndieGala.


Site users can also trade game serial keys in Trades section.

Trade offers are completely guaranteed if the particular serial key from the trade was purchased on the IndieGala site and wasn’t previously revealed. IndieGala will supply a verified key if the serial key doesn’t work for any reason.

Trades aren’t guaranteed if the game key in question wasn’t bought on IndieGala’s site or if the key was already revealed. IndieGala doesn’t have to provide a verified key in those instances.

Is IndieGala Legit?

Yes, IndieGala is legit site and much more than just a video game development studio. It’s gained a solid reputation in recent years as a trusted source for buying game PC titles.

Their selections are priced rather affordably, and they frequently have limited quantity or short-time offers that can’t be beaten.

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