11 Best Humble Bundle Alternatives – Are There Any Sites Like Humble Bundle?

Humble Bundle is a popular online game store where you can purchase various bundles and gaming titles. In this post, I will discuss some of the best Humble Bundle alternatives you can use.

Humble Bundles can include a variety of new and old video games as well as educational software/books and comics.

Their digital store has regular deals on many popular games. The company also donates a certain portion from each sale to charity.


The majority of Humble Bundle’s game offerings are PC titles. They work with various game publishers and developers to provide independent titles and popular AAA titles.

Humble Bundle has also become a well-known and respected publisher of indi games.

Best Humble Bundle Alternatives

Humble Bundle shares profits with game developers and regularly supports many worthwhile charitable causes. Those are some of the primary reasons why the company has continued to grow in popularity.

However, if for one reason or another you are looking for Humble Bundle alternatives, then the collection below will interest you. 

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Fanatical is one of the best sites like Humble Bundle. They also offer various gaming, software, ebook bundles at reduced rates. Many bundles are themed. Particular topics or the game genre are common bundle themes.

Fanatical store sells various game titles and game bundles.

Some bundles may have fun themes, such as a particular season. You can also buy mystery bundles when re you don’t know what games are included.

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Indie Gala

Indie Gala site is similar to how Humble Bundle operates. Customers can choose how the proceeds from their purchases will be divided between game developers, site owners, and charitable organizations.

They strongly support independent game studios and small developers. You can find bundles where you can save as much as 95% during purchase.

Indie Gala store offers game deals and game bundles.

Indie Gala also offers giveaways quite often. Plus, you are likely to find certain indie games offered completely free of charge.

The games on the site are generally only for Windows PCs and mostly Steam bundles. You will find hugely discounted prices for hit games too.

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There are several ways in which Groupees differs from other comparable bundle game sites. You can create your own game bundles by picking the titles and the number of games in your bundle.

You can receive two to eight games for the minimum price of $1. Those are mostly independent titles to choose from. Groupees also has a wide selection of music and comics in addition to games.

Groupees also supports charitable causes and is quite similar to Humble Bundle in many ways. Customers can select the charity that they want to donate to before buying games. Music, e-book, and comic bundles can also be purchased on Groupee’s site.

All of their bundles have countdowns and there is a minimum amount (usually $1) that needs to be paid to get comic, music, and video game bundles.

You can add posts to your profile wall, get involved in public trading, chat with other members of the Groupee community, and participate in other activities after registering on the website.

Lazy Guys Studio

Lazy Guys Studio site also concentrates on game bundles. “Feels Like Home” is one of many themes that their game bundles have.

Bundles are usually only available for several weeks or other limited time periods. It may take a bit more time for the next bundles to be available after the current ends.

You can get access to exclusive deals when you contribute or buy certain bundles. Some customers will be chosen at random to win free items, and top contributors will receive additional prize items.

Bunch Keys

Bunch Keys is a great place to find Steam games at low prices. You can also win Steam keys and other game-associated items during their regular giveaways.

The company concentrates on giving bundles of keys. Gamers can also purchase game bundles with keys for Steam titles.

All of their offerings are priced reasonably. You can spend $1.49 for 50 games with a $52 regular retail value. Be sure to visit their site regularly to find out what discounted bundles they are offering.


uCrate.io is a site like Humble Bundle with subscription-based services. There are four different subscription levels.

The least expensive option is the 12-month subscription at 28.47 per month. People who subscribe to this plan will receive:

  • The ability to access boost packages
  • Ten games every month
  • Access to Elite Crate Entry
  • Other member-exclusive benefits

This subscription can save you $36 per year. Ten Steam titles are included in each bundle subscription.

The titles in each crate are selected randomly. You could receive some great independent games in one crate and some well-known AAA titles in another crate.

Epic Bundle

Epic Bundle is another site similar to Humble Bundle. It concentrates on game bundles that run for a limited time. Some bundles may only be available for a few days or hours.

If you like their bundle offers, watch Epic Bundle’s site regularly. Their site also retrieves game bundle information from other websites so you can see all live bundles from various sites in one place.

Epic Bundle is one of the better resources for avid gamers who want to purchase bundles of great games at affordable prices.

From websites in this list, such as Fanatical, to other lesser-known sites, Epic Bundle is the perfect website to use to find bundles of games.

Daily Indie Games

Daily Indie Games has several similarities to Humble Bundle. You can take advantage of their many deals to acquire quality titles at very reasonable prices.

Many games are bundled together in groups of ten. The bundle prices are extremely inexpensive.

Check their site on a regular basis to find great bundle deals. Payments aren’t refundable, so ensure that you’re purchasing the titles that you want before purchasing them.

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming doesn’t have as many bundles as previously mentioned sites but they do have occasionally various game bundles.

Green Man Gaming is primarily an online store with a huge selection of gaming titles. They offer separate games at very low prices.

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The Forum page of their site has the latest news from the gaming community. The Blog section has giveaways, places where you can learn more about hot topics, share your opinions or read other gamers’ opinions, and much more helpful information.

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GamersGate is online store where you can buy video game titles. They have individual games for sale and have a nice mixture of old and new titles.

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There are more than 6,000 different games to choose from. Blue Coins can be earned by ranking games, writing titles, and buying games.

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You can purchase game keys for many different PC titles on Gamesplanet’s website. The company has headquarters in the UK, France, Germany, and the United States.

Gamesplanet has been officially licensed to resell video games since 2006. More than a thousand different games from many well-known and respected game publishers and developers are available in their online marketplaces.

You’ll get game keys that you can give to others or keep for yourself after you’ve made a purchase. Using Gamesplanet to buy official game keys supports developers and publishers.

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They have four online game marketplace sites: uk.gamesplanet.com, fr.gamesplanet.com, de.gamesplanet.com, and us.gamesplanet.com.

Titles can be purchased on any or all of those sites. Just remember that games may be locked to the Europe region when purchased on their French, German, or UK sites.

Games may be locked to the North/South America region if they were bought on the US Gamesplanet site.

Gamesplanet’s French and German sites accept Euros. Their UK site takes British pounds and the US site processes payments made in United States dollars.

Gamesplanet store sites will always have updated pricing details. This can help you find the titles that offer the best value for your money.

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Sites Like Humble Bundle Conclusion

Being a gamer can be very expensive, especially when you’re trying to collect all of the games you love. Humble Bundle and other similar sites can help you get the titles you want at prices that won’t break your budget.

Humble Bundle is one of the best resources for quality games. There are many different independent and AAA titles at very reasonable rates.

The company specializes in providing game bundles. All of their bundles are available at low prices. They have all kinds of bundles to buy. You can even purchase software bundles, comic bundles, themed bundles, etc.

There are other sites that you can buy from if you’re not satisfied with what Humble Bundle has to offer.

Visiting Humble Bundle alternatives can help you expand your video game collection easily and affordably.

Some online game marketplaces allow you to help support game developers and donate to charitable causes. It’s a good way to give back as you’re purchasing a game that you’ll probably receive many hours of enjoyment from.

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