How To Sell On G2A? G2A Selling Fees & Commissions

G2A.COM is a marketplace for digital and physical products focused on gaming. G2A offers massive selection of games which customers can purchase, but it also offers the opportunity to sell those games. If you intend to start selling on G2A, then you want to know all G2A selling fees that you will encounter and how much will all that cost you.

On G2A.COM, customers can buy game keys for Steam, Origin, GOG, Uplay, Origin, Epic Game Store,, Xbox One, PSN, etc. Aside from game keys, G2A also includes software, subscriptions, gift cards, and physical products such as hardware, peripherals, and gadgets.

Buyers have access to large catalog which is updated daily and in case of any issues they can always open support ticket or file G2A money-back guarantee claim.

If you want to start selling on G2A, I will help you predict the costs related to selling on the G2A marketplace. Be noted that you need to have registered business and valid tax number to sell on G2A. Without providing them documents about your business (company) there is no way to sell.


UPDATE: It seems that G2A in March started allowing private sellers to sell again. You can fill Individual Verification and sell as individual seller without the necessity of being a sole trader or owning a company. Once you pass that verification you are able to sell digital products on G2A Marketplace for turnover up to 1 000€ in total. What happens when you reach that turnover? I guess you are not able to sell anymore unless you register as business.

G2A Selling Fees And Commissions

Selling is free on G2A. But G2A charges various fees on sold products. The fee for selling is 10.4% + €0.35 on every sold game key. This means if you sell the game key for 20 EUR, G2A will take 2.08 EUR + 0.35 EUR from that amount which leaves you with 17.57 EUR.

Be noted that in case of a refund G2A does not return fee. To explain on mentioned example, the customer will be refunded the whole 20 EUR from your balance. This means you will pay 2.08 EUR + 0.35 EUR twice.

The 10.4% commission is standard but can be reduced based on how much you sell each quarter (three-month period). This is called the Seller Supreme program. The better your turnover, the higher the level you’ll reach in the next quarter. Kinguin has something similar called Kinguin Merchant Tiers.

G2A Seller Supreme offers several tiers with perks based on quarter turnover.

Additionally, G2A also charges fees for creating, updating and reposting product listings. For each price change, you will be charged 0.15€. Be careful as this accumulates very quickly. There is also the cost of adding items to an auction of 0.15€ for every 10 keys you add to sell for a particular product. Each game you start selling is another 0.15€.

Make sure that the prices of the products you are selling are higher than the fees you need to cover. Whenever a user buys a game key from you, your income is automatically assigned to your G2A balance. You can monitor your money flow through the Statements tab on your G2A dashboard.

If you want to see comparison of all fees from all marketplaces, then check my G2A vs Kinguin vs Gamivo vs Eneba comparison.

G2A Balance And VAT

For security reasons, when you sell key, earned money will first go to pending balance. After 14 days those funds go to the available balance and you are free to create payout or spend that money on G2A and partnered websites. The Processing Transfers tab shows you how long you will have to wait before the processed funds become available for use.

G2A also provides you with options for charging VAT. The Tax Rates Management feature on the G2A Account dashboard enables you to control and adjust the tax rates for any country of your choice. You can specify the tax rate prices which will be added and which customers from specified countries pay.

All countries have a default tax rate of 0% – until you define the custom rate for a specific country. This feature allows you to pass additional tax costs on the buyer. However, you are still obliged to settle the taxes yourself.

G2A doesn’t force you to charge VAT nor does it check on you if you do. The big disadvantage of charging VAT using G2A provided options, is that your prices for game keys will be much higher than the competition as most other sellers don’t add it.

G2A Processing And Payout Fess

Processing fees Fixed*
The cost of listing an auction 0,15 EUR
The cost of updating the price 0,15 EUR
The cost of adding items to an auction 0,15 EUR/10 items
The cost of editing quantity (in preorder auctions) 0,15 EUR


There are fees for withdrawing your money depending on the payout method. So if you withdraw, for example, 2 000 EUR via Skrill, you will pay 20 EUR + 1 EUR in fees.

Payout fees %* Fixed*
Bank Transfer 1% 1,50 €
Skrill 1% 1 €
WebMoney 1% 1 €
Payoneer 1,5% 1,5 €

Be noted that you will also be charged currency exchange fee 2,49%. G2A allows buyers to pay in their country currency. But G2A only provides payouts in selected currencies (usually EUR and USD). This means if you have 2 000 for payout but in Swiss franc (usually you have in various currencies), then you will pay 2,49% conversion fee to EUR or USD.

What Is The G2A Order Fee?

The order fee is a new addition from G2A. The buyer pays the order fee and nobody knows exactly what is included there (VAT, payment gateway fee, G2A shield maybe). But it has made prices on G2A significantly higher by default.

The order fee was previously added to the shopping cart or during checkout and was much lower than now. As a buyer, you were able to see what you are paying and how much. For example, you were able to see the amount paying for the game key, how much you are paying a fee for payment gateway and how much for G2A shield.

Now, all that is automatically included in the base price of products from the start. There is no doubt it was done intentionally to earn more as this could have been done differently.

Example of a G2A order fee that is automatically added to the product base price.

How the G2A order fee is calculated nobody knows except people at G2A. I have calculated how much order fee is added based on the price you set for selling your keys (this is nowhere mentioned and I have checked it myself via G2A selling dashboard and G2A will probably change this from time to time):

Base Product Price Order Fee
0.01 – 2.49 €0.57 €
2.5 – 4.99 €1.17 €
5 – 7.49 €1.72 €
8 – 12.49 €1.68 €
12.5 – 17.49 €2.45 €
17.5 – 22.49 €2.69 €
22.5 – 27.49 €3.67 €
27.5 – 32.49 €4.35 €
32.5 – 37.49 €4.9 €
37.5 – 42.49 €5.17 €
42.5 – 47.49 €5.58 €
47.5 – 52.49 €5.98 €
52.5 – 57.49 €6.53 €

I have not checked the order fee beyond 57.49 € but it keeps getting higher. What is the mathematical formula behind this order fee I don’t know. If you noticed patter, let me know.

Example Of Income Based On All Fees

So let’s calculate income with all mentioned fees on example. Be noted that this is just an example, and some numbers might be wrong. Let’s say you set the base price of the product at 30€. The price the buyers will see on the product page is 34.35€ (base price of 30€ which you set + the 4.35€ G2A order fee). Buyers cover the order fee. This means you will earn 26.53€ (the base 30€ – 10.4% + 0.35€ G2A fees).

Here additional fees can occur depending on how many keys you uploaded for a particular product, how many times you changed the price of the product, etc. but I will not calculate those for the sake of this example. From this example, we can see that whooping 7.82€ goes to G2A in the form of various fees.

Now you are left with 26.53€ and you want to withdraw that via Skrill. This is just for the sake of example, as I think there is a minimum payout amount for some methods. So if you create a payout for 20€ via Skrill you will also pay a fee of 1% + 1€. This leaves you with 18.8€.

But don’t forget the exchange fee. If someone purchased from you via another currency than one in which you are making payout you will be charged a 2.49% exchange fee. Let’s say you had balance in the Swiss franc and you created payout in EUR. Now you are left with 18.33€.

Most payout methods allow payout in EUR and USD:

  • using Skrill you can create payout only in €,
  • using WebMoney in $ and €,
  • using Bank Transfer in EUR, USD, PLN and GBP
  • Bitcoin (never used it so don’t know)
  • Payoneer (I guess you can use any currency which you have enabled in your Payoneer account)

Be noted that if you have the different currency set in your, for example, Skrill account then the currency that you made payout on G2A, the currency conversion will occur again.

On everything that you earn you will also need to pay tax depending on your country’s laws. So take that in mind when selling.

After seeing all this I bet you are thinking that in order to end in plus you need to find supplier which will provide you keys at extremely low prices. And you are right.

G2A has the most and highest fees compared to other available marketplaces like Gamiv, Eneba, and Kinguin. But G2A has almost twice as much traffic as all those three combined so it is go-to place to sell game keys.

If you are interested in sites like G2A then be sure to check my post where I mention other sites where you can purchase game keys (you can even purchase on them when there is a deal and sell on G2A).

G2A Inactivity Fee

G2A charges 1 EUR inactivity fee. So have this in mind. This is nothing new when it comes to online accounts as many companies have that kind of fee. But it is the first time marketplace like this has it (as far as I know).

G2A charges an inactivity fee after someone has not logged into their G2A.COM account for 180 days. An email is sent 3 days before the charge to remind the user and allow them to log in and avoid the fee. The fee of 1€ is taken from the user’s G2A Wallet (if there are no funds on the Wallet, you will not be charged anything). Another 1€ will be taken each month that the user stays inactive.

If the user logs in, the timer resets itself and they have another 180 days before they are charged. If there are no funds left (or no funds to begin with) on their G2A Wallet, then the account is set to inactive. All a user needs to do to reactivate it is log back in.

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