How To Sell On Eneba? Eneba Selling Fees & How To Become Seller?

Eneba is a relatively new marketplace for digital game keys. It works on the same principle as G2AKinguin, and Gamivo. In this post, I will show you steps needed to sell on Eneba as well as mention Eneba marketplace fees.

With a vast catalog, Eneba is quickly becoming marketplace where people can find the cheapest price on game keys. If you want to know more about Eneba, check my Eneba review where I answer “is Eneba safe to use“.

Eneba catalog includes game keys for Origin, Uplay, GOG, Steam, Epic Games, Battlenet, PSN, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, etc.

You can even purchase gift cards for Amazon, Netflix, Apple iTunes, Steam, Nintendo Switch, PSN, Google Play, Blizzard, etc.

Serial keys for software such as antivirus programs, Xbox, and Nintendo memberships are also available on Eneba to sell and buy.

If you decide to sell on the Eneba store, you can do it by manually uploading keys or automate sales using API.


Eneba is very strict when it comes to approving merchant applications. You need to have registered business with VAT or be a sole trader with taxpayer number. You also need to be able to prove that your stock is coming from official channels. If you don’t satisfy those terms, you will not be accepted.

How To Sell On Eneba?

Here are steps to apply as merchant on Eneba:

  1. The application

    In order to start selling on Eneba, you will need to fill form application.

    sell on eneba

  2. Filling the application

    Here you will need to enter details such as name, email, type of business, explain your stock acquisition process, write what is your estimate on the number of products you would list for sale on Eneba, provide a list of game titles you would like to sell on Eneba, write where you currently distribute your stock, etc.

  3. Further verification

    Then you will be contacted via email where you will need to provide additional information, company registration documents, government-issued documents containing photographic evidence of identity, proof of address, etc.

    All the documents provided by you will be used only for the KYC procedure and won’t be shared outside the company.   

  4. Verification result

    If you get accepted you will need to provide merchant name, logo, and email address you wish to use on Eneba.

  5. Start selling

    After you provided all required you can start selling and adding stock.

Eneba Selling Fees

Here’s some information regarding Eneba fees and payouts:

  • After your first sales money freeze duration is as low as 7 days depending on each merchant’s periodic turnover.
  • When you request to withdraw the funds, the request will be processed within 3 days.
  • The minimum payout is 50 EUR, the maximum payout per day is 50000 EUR.
  • The commission fee is 6% and 0,2 eur flat fee (see more info below)
  • There are no other fees for price change, adding products, activating after product expires, etc. as other marketplaces have.
  • Eneba doesn’t have a wholesale marketplace option.

Eneba commission fees:

1.Games, DLCs and software below 5 EUR – 6% + €0.20 fixed fee per unit

2. Games, DLCs and software equal to and above 5 EUR – 6% + €0.25 fixed fee per unit

3. Gift cards, subscriptions and game points below 10 EUR – 5%

4. Gift cards, subscriptions and game points between 10 EUR and 20 EUR – 5% + €0.10 fixed fee per unit

5. Gift cards, subscriptions and game points above 20 EUR – 5% + €0.20 fixed fee per unit

6. Other Top-up (non-gaming) giftcards – 4%

7. Amazon, Netflix Top-up – 1%

8. iTunes, Google Play Top-up – 2%

To see how Eneba features, options, and fees compare to other marketplaces like G2A, Kinguin, and Gamivo, be sure to check my detailed comparison – Eneba vs G2A vs Gamivo vs Kinguin.

Eneba Selling Dashboard

Here are some of features related to selling on Eneba:

1. COST OF ACQUISITION – When adding game keys and setting prices, you have the Cost of acquisition option which is optional. If you want to calculate your true profit you can input the price of acquisition and your profit will be displayed (minus Eneba fee).

Eneba cost of acquisition example.

2. EXCESSIVE PRICE CHANGES – Excessive price changes will incur a fee. In order to reduce the frequency of price updates and the incentives to use 3rd party price-update automation software, they introduced a fee of €0.12 per price change.

It will be charged if a single auction price is updated more than 10 times in 24 hours. It is applied for both the updates through the API and the UI.

You have 10 free price changes per 24h.

3. SELLER TICKET RESOLUTION CENTER – The resolution center streamlines the communication between you and ENEBA’s customer support team and enables easier and more efficient stock-related issues resolution.

The customer support team handles the majority of the issues faced by the buyers without any need for your involvement. However, when there is a clear need for your input, issues will be brought upon your attention.

An email will be sent to you whenever the ticket is created. You will be able to see all the required information and evidence, investigate the case, and take immediate actions to resolve the ticket by refunding or replacing the key. The ticket can also be disputed if you find that you may need more time or information. 

Example of Eneba support ticket.

To ensure great buyer experience, each reported ticket has an expiration timer – you will have 72 hours to resolve the issue. In case of failure to respond in time, the ticket will be automatically resolved in favor of the buyer.

4. UNLOCK FUNDS QUICKER – You can improve your cash flow and release a portion of your on-hold funds for an additional fee.

5. EASY TO USE DASHBOARD – Eneba has the best seller dashboard compared to competitors. It is easy to use, navigate, and extremely easy to edit prices as well as see if you have the lowest price.

6. CREATING PAYOUT – Creating payout is very simple. Unfortunately, only the bank payout option is available, and you will need to provide an invoice for payouts as well as provide proofs of invoices for your game keys if asked.

eneba payout methods
Eneba offers only bank payout.

Eneba Selling Conclusion

Eneba is definitely the best marketplace for sellers. It offers intuitive, simple to use dashboard which no other marketplace comes even close.

Editing prices, adding stock, checking reports, creating payouts, answering support tickets, etc. everything is amazingly done on Eneba. Their UI designer needs a raise if you ask me.

Eneba has the lowest fees for sellers than any other marketplace. This makes it possible for sellers to offer the best prices to customers.

Eneba only has from 5-6% commission fee for sold products + flat fee from 0.1 eur to 0.2 eur. There is no other fee. This makes it possible for sellers to lower the prices and still earn more than on another marketplace. For example, G2A has various high fees imposed to sellers and buyers which increases prices.

The only downside to Eneba is that they only offer bank transfer payouts. But that shouldn’t be an issue for most sellers especially if you take into consideration that SEPA transfers don’t have any fee.

Eneba is the best place to sell for any merchant. Hopefully, they will stay like that, but it is more likely that they will add some fees in the future or maybe increase that 5% commission fee when their marketplace becomes more popular.

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  1. Hi, I’m trying to become a registered seller, how can you get official suppliers or sources that they accept?

    • Hi Aman,

      Nobody will share you that info as they don’t want to give away their sources and suppliers.

  2. Do you have any clow how to upload games in buck on eneba and where to find relaible suppliers with lower rate.

  3. This information is useful until you go to become a merchant and realise that its not like stated above. Im trying to become one myself right now and even though it gives you the choice of company or merchant(reseller), it still asks you for information regarding a company when chosing the latter choise. I am just trying to sell a few games and it requires company name, position in the company, name of supplier and stuff that are by far unrelated to the subject and of course the supplier is unrelated as well considering that if i sell a game from steam and then a game from epic games, how should i name my “supplier” ?

  4. really helpful article thank you
    i fulfilled The application from two month ago
    still no answer at all
    do you have an idea how much will take to have an answer ?

    • Hi,

      Usually they respond very quickly. In matter of days. If they didn’t contact you by now, your application was probably declined.


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