16 Best Sites Like G2A – Which G2A Alternatives Are Worth Checking?

G2A.com is one of the most popular online game marketplaces in the world. Thousands of people use the site every day to purchase and sell game keys, in-game items, gift cards, and other game-related products. In this article, I will show you the best sites like G2A as an alternative if you don’t want to use the G2A marketplace.

Keys and items on G2A are typically cheaper than what you’ll find on Steam, Origin, Uplay, GOG, and other sites like G2A. It’s a great place for gamers to get great deals!

This isn’t the only place for people to find affordable game keys, gift cards, and other associated items. There are plenty of G2A alternatives. Some of the alternatives have even better product discounts, terms, and special offers.


With so many websites to choose from, it’s a good idea to examine them carefully before making a purchase. Other marketplaces similar to G2A include Eneba, Gamivo, and Kinguin, to name just a few.

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Sites Like G2A

Gamers have a nice selection of online game stores where they can buy cheapest PC game keys and console codes.

Each G2A alternative has an impressive selection of Steam keys that can be purchased at very affordable prices.

The three best websites like G2A are Kinguin, Eneba, and Gamivo. To see how G2A compares with Kinguin, Eneba, and Gamivo, be sure to check my comparison.

G2A and Kinguin are very similar. Neither site supplies inventory themselves. They both rely on third-party sellers to provide the games that are sold. The origin of the game keys purchased on both G2A and Kinguin remains unknown to buyers.

kinguin scam
Kinguin offers game keys at very affordable prices.

The vast majority of game keys that are available on both sites are legal. The business practices of both sites are almost identical. The only real distinction is the fact that some of Kinguin’s merchants have expressed difficulties in receiving payments from Kinguin. You can read more about it in my post Kinguin payout delays.

When it comes to comparing the game keys that these sites offer, the site you purchase from should be the one that has the games that you want at the lowest price.

Eneba is a relatively new marketplace. They operate much like G2A. Eneba has a massive, ever-expanding list of popular game titles. You can find games for Xbox, PSN, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Epic Games, Origin, Uplay, Battle.net, GOG, etc.

It’s also a place where you can purchase gift cards for Google Play, Xbox, Amazon, PSN, Blizzard, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Apple iTunes, and much more.

Eneba offers lowest prices than any other marketplace (in most cases).

Like on G2A, you can sell on Eneba or you can be just buyer. As Eneba has the lowest merchant fees, Eneba will usually be the cheapest place to get any game key. If you want to know more about Eneba, be sure to check my post where I answer is Eneba legit.

Gamivo is another popular game marketplace (check my Gamivo review). It is not as popular as G2A and Kinguin but here you can also buy and sell game keys. The site doesn’t send or carry any physical items. You’ll find only digital products there.

It’s easy to buy on the site because you don’t have to deal with shipping. Delivery only takes a matter of minutes at most. After you’ve made your purchase, you’ll receive an email that contains your activation code.

gamivo how it works
Gamivo offers wide selection of game titles to purchase.

Once you have your code, you can go to your favorite gaming site (Steam, Uplay, Origin, the Blizzard app, etc.), enter your game code, and follow the instructions. You can only buy game codes on Gamivo’s website if you’re a registered site user.


Kinguin has grown in popularity since the marketplace was first introduced in 2013. Over 4 million people around the world use the site. If you want to read more about Kinguin, check my post where I answer to question: is Kinguin legit?

Kinguin lets people buy and sell various game keys at reasonable prices for a variety of popular gaming platforms. The ability to purchase popular games for less than manufacturers’ suggested retail price is why so many avid gamers use Kinguin.

kinguin cons

People can buy and sell game keys on the site, CSGO skins, anti-virus program keys, gift cards, Microsoft Home Office, and other software programs, Windows keys, etc. are just some of the offerings that you’ll find on Kinguin.

Kinguin itself doesn’t sell any items. It’s just the marketplace that connects buyers and sellers to conduct transactions. Think of it as eBay for game keys. Games and game codes are supplied by people who use the Kinguin marketplace.

Kinguin has items for just about any gaming interest. You can purchase game keys for sports, adventure, classic, horror, fighting, action, indie games, anime, and other genres. You can also buy keys for Windows, Microsoft Office Suite products, anti-virus programs, game skins, gift cards, etc.

The prices on Kinguin are usually cheaper than the same games on Uplay, Origin, Steam, or other comparable sites. But they are often higher than the prices found on Eneba, and Gamivo.

The games that you can purchase on Kinguin are perfectly legal. However, you still sometimes purchase a game key that either doesn’t work at all or stops working after a while. Game keys can be revoked at different times for different reasons. One downside is that you won’t know the source of the game keys put up for sale on Kinguin’s site.


Eneba’s vast collection of titles and affordable prices has made it a popular game marketplace. Game keys for Battlenet, Epic Games, GOG, Nintendo Switch, Origin, PSN, Steam, Uplay, Xbox, and others can be purchased here.

You’ll also find gift cards for Amazon, Apple iTunes, Blizzard, Google Play, Netflix, Nintendo Switch, PSN, Steam, Xbox, and others. You can even buy Nintendo and Xbox memberships, anti-virus programs, and other software. On Eneba you can purchase game keys, or be a seller

how to become seller on eneba

You can scroll through offers that are sorted by platform, price, category, popularity, etc. Click on the game that you want, and you’ll be redirected to the respective product page.

Eneba only charges sellers 5% commission. This is the lowest fee than any other current marketplace (G2A, Gamivo, Kinguin). That means you will find your favorite games for the lowest price on Eneba.

There are no additional fees for anything that you purchase on Eneba’s site (except payment gateway fees). The company doesn’t have any form of special protection programs for a fee in case you have problems with a game key that you purchase, unlike Kinguin, G2A, and Gamivo.


Gamivo is an online marketplace that allows you to buy or sell game keys. You can purchase game keys for Battle.net, Bethesda, Epic Games, GOG, Origin, Steam, Uplay, etc.

You can also buy Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Nintendo cd keys, Office and Windows keys, PUBG keys, Playstation Network cards, software licenses, Xbox live memberships, etc.

is gamivo safe to use

You’ll be emailed a working digital activation code after purchase. All you need to do then is go to the Blizzard, Uplay, Steam, Origin, or other respective platform and follow the instructions to activate.

Gamivo’s site is easy to use and understand. You can search for games by pre-orders, genres, popularity, new releases, and platforms. You can also look for games that are priced at under 5€ or 10€, most wanted items, best sellers, recently sold products, and other categories.

Other G2A Alternatives

Below sites are online shops where you can only buy game keys. Previously mentioned sites like G2A (Gamivo, Eneba, and Kinguin) allow you to buy and sell game keys.

When purchasing on below mentioned online stores expect to pay more sometimes for game keys than what you would pay on G2A, Kinguin, Gamivo, and Eneba.

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is a good place to find popular AAA titles at affordable prices. You’ll find AAA games, indie games, and many top titles.

Their site is very intuitive and user-friendly. All prices for games are displayed in regional currencies. This assures that you’re getting the best deal possible. GreenManGaming supports payment processing using PayPal and most major credit and debit cards.

websites like g2a

You can also find games on their site that have yet to be released. The “coming soon” section displays upcoming games that are available to pre-order. Clicking on one of those games will tell you what you’ll receive and when once the game has been purchased.

For more info you can check my Green Man Gaming review where I mention how it works as well as its pros and cons.


Here you can buy and sell video game digital items like in-game items, gift cards, and more. All transactions are secured by Gameflip Guarantee.

Game keys and in-game items can be bought at GameFlip. Their website has been active since 2005. One thing that makes GameFlip unique is the fact that you can also buy physical games there as well as game keys. You can buy games and classic DS, 3DS, NES, and N64 consoles. The site is worth checking out for old school game enthusiasts.

You can also purchase physical or digital versions of popular movies, Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox games are available as well. They have a nice selection of low-priced Battle.net, GOG Origin, Uplay, and Steam PC games. GameFlip is a good resource for gift cards at lower prices than what you’ll find at official retailers.

For more info you can check my is Gameflip safe to use post where I have reviewed the site and showed pros and cons.


SCDkey is a recommended site for acquiring game keys at affordable prices. Keys for Origin, Steam, Uplay, and other platforms can be purchased there. They also have gift cards for Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, etc.

If you want to pre-order a game, or get your hands on an early access title, head to their coming soon section and look for the game. Once there you will see all the early access titles they have available and which ones are about to go on sale.

site like g2a

Clicking on an item you want to buy will take you to the product description page. Here you can find out more about pricing, product availability, platform, and region. You can contact SCDkey’s customer service via chat if you have any questions or concerns.


GamersGate has Steam and non-Steam game keys available to buy. Everything on their site is reasonably priced when there is a sale. They even have some indie games available for less than a dollar, much like what you’d find on different bundle websites. You can purchase game keys and even gift them.

g2a alternative shops

You can pre-order games on their site. Take some time to compare prices if you’re thinking about buying games that haven’t been released yet. Many games’ prices will be identical from site to site, but there could be a few instances where comparison shopping can save you money.

For more info, you can check GamersGate review.


DLgamer‘s website allows you to search for games based on categories. You’ll be able to view the games for activation on Origin, Steam, Uplay, GOG, Epic Games, etc.

DLgamer store offers periodic sales and some nice discounts from time to time. I’ve noticed that some AAA games are listed for half of their regular retail prices.

You can purchase games using different payment methods. Their good rating on Trust Pilot ensures that you don’t have to worry about whether or not a game key purchased is genuine.


GamesRocket is around for a couple of years now. You can find game keys, gift cards, and software on their site at discounted prices. Most of these offers are for indie games, but they sometimes include games from some of the big name publishers.

g2a competitors

Along with consoles they also have PC software keys like antivirus, video editors, etc. All the stuff sold there comes as digital keys so you will get your keys almost instantly after purchase.

You can also get online memberships for consoles. They provide plans for Xbox (Gold), Nintendo Switch (online membership), and PlayStation (Plus).

Instant Gaming

Instant Gaming is one of the most reliable game stores. The site has convenient filters that allow you to sort games according to price, platform, ratings, language, and region.

You’ll find games for Battle.net, GOG, Origin, Uplay Steam, etc. You can also purchase digital copies of popular Nintendo 3DS, PS4, and Xbox games. The site accepts payments via Bitcoin, PayPal, or Skrill.

instant gaming review

Instant Gaming’s product page shows information such as system requirements, gaming platform, and genre tags. You can find out the number of languages that the game supports, the current number of users on that page, and how many keys are still available for that product.

For more info you can check my Instant Gaming review where I show pros & cons of using this store.


CDKeys is one of the oldest and most trusted online game stores. You can purchase PC games (Origin, Uplay and Steam titles), Xbox games (for Xbox One and Windows, Playstation 4 games and Nintendo (3DS, Switch, Wii, and U) titles.

The site emails customers digital copies of the games codes that they’ve purchased. Payments are accepted via Apple Pay, PayPal, Bitcoin, and traditional debit and credit cards.

Most of the AAA games that you’ll find on CDkeys’ site are less expensive than the same offerings on Steam. You’ll probably find the same games on competitors’ websites for about five to ten percent more.


GamesDeal is an online store where you can buy gift cards, console games, and game keys at reduced prices. If you want to find their latest discounts and special offers, head to their deals page.

There you can view their best deals, surprise deals, and limited-time offers. GamesDeal doesn’t have many indie games for sale. The majority of the games in their selection are from big name publishers.

GamesDeal offers the “Cloud Activation” service (they offered it before, not sure if they offer it still). It’s a convenient service that offers games at prices that are less than deal prices. You don’t need a key to activate a game using this service, but they will need access to your Steam guard code and your account.

This may seem a bit risky, even though it probably isn’t anything to really worry about. I’d recommend buying actual game keys just like you would anywhere else.


Once known as Good Old Games, GOG is a site that distributes digital copies of popular old and new games. PC titles for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems can be found here.

It’s an affordable alternative for Steam games. You can use their GOG Galaxy which is a PC client software that you can install to play the games (just like Steam, Origin, Uplay).

best stores  to purchase game keys

Their site has several options to make your game searches easier. You can look for games sorted by minimum/maximum price, language, genre, platform, or features. You can also look for games that are available at greatly discounted prices. This option is a great way to pick up a few fun titles for a weekend of gaming.

GOG’s after-sales service is very good. You should receive a response to any queries that you leave on their forums within a few hours or less. Replies will be posted by the gaming community or GOG staff.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle good place to find games at affordable prices. But Humble Bundle is mostly popular for its bundles. You can find a decent selection in their store offering. They are best known for their product bundles. The bundles consist of one or more AAA games and some nice indie games.

humble bundle review

Humble Bundle’s store page displays all of their current offers. Here you’ll find their regular offers and deals. The majority of their selections are indie games that are available at low prices.

You can also sign up for and subscribe to Humble Bundle’s newsletter. Subscribers are eligible for special offers and free gaming keys delivered directly to your email inbox. They have been known to send free game keys at various times.

For more info you can check is Humble Bundle safe to use and legit review, or best Humble Bundle alternatives.


IndieGala is another site like Humble Bundle where you can buy indie games at low prices. They also have an impressive amount of AAA titles.

Indie Gala store offers game deals and game bundles.

They run bundle sales on their site often. Bundle sales are updated regularly, so check often so you don’t miss anything. They also have giveaways where you can be eligible to win free games.

For more info, be sure to check IndieGala review.


GamesPlanet store is live from 2006. The site only sells PC games for Linux, Mac, and Windows systems. You won’t find any discounted games for consoles there, but it is a reliable and trusted source for PC games.

gamesplanet review

GamesPlanet has flash sales, weekly deals, and other special offers. They work with CD Projekt Red, Devolver Digital, EA, and other well-known game developers.

You can browse through their selection of available games, and then visit the Community section to find news and information about games on their site.


Which are best G2A alternatives?

Best G2A alternatives include Eneba, Gamivo, and Kinguin as there you can find cheapest price for any game.

Which websites like G2A offer cheapest price?

Eneba has the lowest price for game keys from all G2A alternatives (even lower than G2A). G2A and Kinguin have the highest prices, Gamivo and Eneba have the lowest.

How come Eneba and Gamivo have lower prices on game keys than G2A?

Eneba and Gamivo have lower seller fees which makes possible for sellers to set prices lower.

Which is most popular G2A alternative?

Most popular marketplace in terms of monthly traffic after G2A is Kinguin. Then go Eneba and Gamivo.

Are GMG, GG, Gamesplanet, Fanatical, HumbleBundle good G2A alternatives?

Sites like GreenManGaming, Gamesplanet, GamersGate, Fanatical, HumbleBundle, etc. are online stores. They are not marketplaces like G2A, Kinguin, Eneba, and Gamivo where people can buy and sell game keys. Because of that, they will have higher prices if there is no sale going on.

G2A Competitors Worth Using Conclusion

G2A is a site that many gamers know and love. There are plenty of popular Steam titles that can be purchased at prices that won’t break your budget. G2A online marketplace has plenty of offers for video games at low prices.

Many people play video games to occupy their free time or keep them occupied so that they won’t be bored. For others, gaming is their favorite activity. People of all ages play video games, but the vast majority of gamers are young. Avid gamers already know about G2A. There are also a few sites available that are similar to G2A.

G2A also has software, gift cards, codes for consoles, and other related items for sale. G2A is not alone in offering games and game accessories at reasonable rates. It has a few competitors in the online game marketplace that are worth discovering.

G2A is a reliable online marketplace. People can buy and sell games on their website. Their, discounts, deals, and other special promotions attract gamers from around the world. Their database consists of over 50,000 items such as game keys and other products that are sold by over 260,000 sellers. The products are low-priced and support Origin, PlayStation, Xbox, Uplay, Steam, and other popular platforms.

Buying games is sometimes easier said than done. There are times when seeing games advertised for cheap prices could lure you into a scam. G2A is perfectly safe and entirely legal to use. However, sometimes there are sellers that mislead or trick buyers into buying products that are defective.

That’s why it’s important to check seller reviews carefully before making a purchase. It’s a good idea to have more than one resource to find games that you enjoy playing. You can review each one of them to ensure that you’re getting the best deal and the best value for your money.

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