Gamesplanet Review (2023) – Is Gamesplanet Legit & Safe To Use? How Does Gamesplanet Work?

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Product Name: Gamesplanet

Product Description: Gamesplanet is an authorized PC retailer that has been around since 2006, offering titles to gamers around the world.

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Gamesplanet is popular game store website. It offers wide selection of titles at affordable prices. The delivery of keys is instant. Payment methods accepted are credit cards, Skrill, Paysafeguard, Bitcoin, Paypal, etc.


  • There are four Gamesplanet stores to purchase from
  • No additional fees like tax, customer protection fee, etc.
  • No payment gateway fees
  • Wide selection of games
  • Often discounts and sales
  • Instant key delivery
  • Affordable prices
  • Easy to use


  • You can purchase only one copy of game per each order

Gamesplanet is a company that sells PC game keys. The business is based in France, Germany, the United States, and the UK. In this Gamesplanet review I will show how does Gamesplanet work as well as its pros & cons.

Since 2006, they have been an officially licensed game reseller. You can purchase any of a thousand different titles from well-known publishers on their website.

After you’ve made a purchase on Gamesplanet, you’ll receive game keys which you can keep for yourself or give to a friend. You’re supporting game developers and publishers when you purchase official game keys on Gameplanet.


Gamesplanet is an official reseller. They want to make sure that developers and publishers are properly paid for game titles. There is zero risk when activating your games from Gamesplanet.

Gamesplanet Review

Gamesplanet has contracts with each game publisher. They have permission from publishers to sell their products. A small portion of each sale goes to Gamesplanet.

You can reach Gamesplanet customer support staff via Facebook, Twitter, or email. You’ll usually receive a reply in a few hours or less on weekdays.

Just make sure to include your order number in support request. You should clearly explain the problem so that you can get a proper response as soon as possible.

You can cancel any pre-orders on Gamesplanet that are ordered during the pre-order time period. Receipt of the activation key starts a 14 day period from when you can request a refund.

What Is The Difference Between US, DE, FR & UK Gamesplanet Store?

Gamesplanet has four store locales. There are,,, and

You can purchase from any Gamesplanet store but be noted that some games on UK, DE, and FR store might be region locked to Europe. Also, games sold on US store might be region locked to North/South America.

In US store currency is american dollar, on UK store is british pound, and on DE & FR store currency is euro so it is best to purchase on store which has your country currency.

You can always check game prices on each Gamesplanet store and purchase from one that offers most affordable price.

Which Payment Options Are Provided?

Gamesplanet offers several payment providers which you can use. Some countries will have more or less payment options at disposal.

1. Payment with Credit card

Credit card payments are simple. The SSL-secure payment page processes all credit card transactions. Credit card payments via MasterCard, American Express, or Visa are accepted.

2. Payments with Bank Transfer (Sofort)

This is a good option for anyone who has an online UK bank account. You can transfer money from that account to Gamesplanet’s bank account to pay for your purchases. Your payment will be confirmed instantly.

3. Payments with Amazon

You can use your Amazon account to pay for Gamesplanet products. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse. Just log in to your Amazon account and pay, that’s it!

You don’t have to search for bank account or credit card information. Amazon securely stores your payment details.

4. Payments with Bitcoins (BitPay)

Bitcoins can be used to buy items on Gamesplanet. Their partner Bitpay processes Bitcoin payments. All currency changes are conducted during order checkout. The process is simple, fast, and transparent.

5. Payments using Paysafecard

Paysafecard can be used on Gamesplanet’s site. It’s almost like paying in cash. All transactions are swift and secure. Gamesplanet won’t charge any additional fees for using Paysafecard.

6. Payments with Skrill

Skrill allows you to use Rapid Transfer (which uses a bank transfer) or Skrill wallet to pay for purchases on Gamesplanet. You can also opt for iDeal, Giropay, or other popular payment methods.

Start at the payment page and select the “+” icon to choose the country to see payment options (for example, iDeal is available for payments made in the Netherlands).

7. Payment with PayPal

You can pay for Gamesplanet orders with PayPal account. PayPal’s SSL-secure pages will handle the transaction in a matter of moments.

Is Gamesplanet Legit?

Gamesplanet is legit. All of the keys that are for sale on their website come directly from the game publishers. Gamesplanet has the express consent of those publishers to sell their products.

What are advantages of Gamesplanet store?
Example of purchase on Gamesplanet store.

You won’t get Steam keys from Russia and you don’t need to use proxy to activate the games that you purchase. You won’t have to worry about receiving invalid or already used keys.

You can see Gamesplanet reviews on Trustpilot and check what other buyers had to say about their purchasing experience with Gamesplanet store.

Is Gamesplanet Safe To Use?

Gamesplanet is safe to use. Payments are accepted via Bitcoin, Paypal, credit card, and other popular payment methods. Any pages on their site where you’re asked for credit card data or personal information are SSL secured.

You can look for an orange box on a game’s page if you want to know whether not that title has region restrictions. Games without an orange box don’t have any region restrictions.

If game has some region restrictions it will be clearly stated.

Gamesplanet will never require you to use a VPN to purchase items on their site. Activations will work anywhere around the world, although there may be exceptions from time to time.

You’ll be notified on the product page if there is a restriction. The restriction will appear in an orange notice box right above the game description.

How Does It Work?

Time needed: 3 minutes

How to purchase on Gamesplanet?

  1. Buying game

    Start by registering if you don’t have a Gamesplanet account or log into your existing account.

    You can select the “Buy Now” option if your shopping cart is empty, or click on the “My Cart” icon if you have items in your shopping cart.

  2. Add to cart

    Go to the product page for the game that you want to purchase. When you’re ready, click the “Add to Cart” button.

    How does Gamesplanet work and how to purchase?

  3. Checkout

    You’ll automatically be redirected to the checkout page once you’ve added a product to the shopping cart. You can decide to continue shopping or pay for your order.

    You can’t add the same game more than once. This safeguard prevents any accidental duplicate purchases. Once you’ve purchased that item, you can go back and buy it again if you’d like.

  4. Voucher

    If you have a voucher or promotional code, you can use it when you’re on the checkout page.

    Go to the “redeem voucher” box to enter your code. Click on the “redeem” option that appears. Your promotional code or voucher will automatically reduce the order total accordingly.

    Is Gamesplanet safe to use and purchase from?

  5. Choosing payment gateway

    Clicking on the “My Cart” option allows you to check or remove any titles that you’ve chosen not to purchase and see the current products in your cart.

    You can see each title, the game’s platform, and price. All that’s left to do is to choose your payment method and then click on “Buy Now.”

  6. Payment

    Once you’ve decided how you want to pay, you can select the “Buy Now” option. You will then be taken to the SSL secure payment page for your specified payment method. This is where you can make your payment.

    Gamesplanet doesn’t save your Amazon or Paypal account information, credit card numbers, or bank account data.

  7. Receiving key

    You’ll receive an email summary of your transaction after you’ve paid for your order. Activation keys or download links are not sent by email.

    You can go to the “My Games” section of your account to find download information and activation keys.

    Is Gamesplanet scam site?

Store FAQ

Is Gamesplanet safe to use?

Yes, Gamesplanet is safe to use. It is company which operates from 2006. I have also purchased many times over the years from Gamesplanet without issues.

Is Gamesplanet legit?

Gamesplanet is legit store. After purchase you will be provided with game activation key.

Is Gamesplanet trustworthy?

Gamesplanet is trustworthy game key online store. You can see Trustpilot reviews from other buyers where they shared their experience with using Gamesplanet.

Is Gamesplanet safe to buy from?

Gamesplanet is safe to buy store which operates in United States, France, Germany and United Kingdom.

Are Gamesplanet game keys region locked?

Gamesplanet keys are official world wide keys with no restrictions. There can be rare exceptions. On these occations you will find a clearly visable notice about any region restrictions near the top of the games page.

Should You Buy On Gamesplanet?

Gamesplanet is great Steam alternative for buying games. GamesPlanet is an official store selling PC games and Mac digital versions, and like the French version GameTap, it belongs to Metaboli group.

The shop was founded in 2006, so it has many years of experience in the sector. Their catalog has hundreds of top PC games and collaborates with the most prestigious publishers as Electronic Arts, Activision, Bethesda, Sega, Kalypso, Take 2 and Ubisoft.

The delivery of keys is very fast and it has a FAQ with the most typical solution to problems. Payment methods accepted by this store are: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Carte Bleue, Hipay, Paypal, etc.

Alternatives to Gamesplanet are GamersGate, Green Man Gaming, Humble Bundle, Fanatical, and WinGameStore.

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