Why Is My Kinguin Order On Hold? Kinguin Order Pending Status

Kinguin has become a very popular online game marketplace. It launched in 2013 and currently has more than four million customers across the globe. Kinguin lets people buy and sell games at reasonable prices but sometimes buyers experience Kinguin order on hold issue.

Blizzard, EpicGames, Origin, Steam, Uplay and other popular platforms provide gamers with more opportunities than ever to buy their favorite gaming titles. However, even with all of these choices, not all games on each site are affordable for every gamer.

Most gamers usually look for the cheapest ways to buy games that they enjoy playing the most. Sometimes they search for discounts and special promotional offers or wait several months after a game’s release for the price to be reduced.


There are products for just about every gaming interest on Kinguin’s site. You can find action, adventure, anime, classic, fighting, horror, indie, sports titles, and many more.

In addition to game keys, you can also purchase software keys, Windows activation keys, Microsoft Office Suite products, game skins, gift cards, and other items.

How Kinguin Works?

Kinguin has many loyal customers because it’s a great place to buy and sell games at prices that won’t break anyone’s budget.

Their platform helps sellers and buyers connect. For more detail information about features and how Kinguin marketplace operates, check my Kinguin review.

Kinguin is just an online marketplace like eBay. They don’t sell any games or game keys. When you buy a game key on their site, you’re buying it from a third-party seller (check how to become Kinguin seller).

Kinguin is legit. It’s not a fake or scam website. Kinguin Digital Limited runs the Kinguin.net site. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Bulgaria and Poland.

kinguin scam
Kinguin offers game keys at very affordable prices.

Third-party game sellers supply all game keys that are purchased on Kinguin’s site. Kinguin itself doesn’t know from where each key comes from or if the game keys that you buy will actually work.

Kinguin is only an online marketplace where there are bound to be sellers who have bad intentions. There are much more sellers with authentic game keys than there are scammers.

Most of Kinguin’s negative reviews are from customers who have had the misfortune of purchasing invalid or used game codes. Unfortunately, this is something that can happen on any game key marketplace.

Kinguin order on hold is an issue many buyers experience after making an order. Once your payment has been accepted, you should receive a dispatch from Kinguin in about 15 minutes. But delivery is not always quick.

If a staff member needs to review your payment, the dispatch can take a little more time. Any game keys that you buy are delivered via email. Game keys that are purchased for pre-order titles are delivered around the game release date.

Why Is My Kinguin Order On Hold?

Kinguin’s support staff usually has a valid reason for any orders that are put on hold. They recommend checking your spam and email folders to ensure that you haven’t missed an email from their support team.

Kinguin strives to ensure consumer safety. They know that many users lose credit card numbers and PayPal accounts from time to time. There are plenty of scammers who try to obtain this information illegally and purchase products using that information. That’s the main reason why Kinguin will put on hold any orders that may seem suspicious.

There are several reasons why your Kinguin order could be placed on hold:

1. Email verification – In this situation, your billing email address isn’t the same as the email address that’s listed in your payment gateway. You may be asked to confirm that you do own both email addresses.

2. Wholesale orders – Kinguin may want to ensure that you’re the one actually placing the orders and that someone else hasn’t stolen your money or obtained your information fraudulently.

3. Proxy usage – Some people are very concerned about the safety of their information when browsing websites and making purchases online. If a particular system displays unusual login information, you may be asked to verify that you are indeed the person placing an order.

You’ll find plenty of threads on Kinguin’s Reddit about various orders having been placed on hold. Kinguin isn’t exactly known for being quick to respond. They can sometimes take up to a week to reply.

This leaves customers feeling frustrated, cheated or scammed when their orders are put on hold. They may decide to make payment reversal.

I would recommend you open support ticket or contact live chat support and try to solve issue with them before taking steps like payment reversal. It will probably take a few days to receive what you purchased.

If you don’t want to risk with possible payment on hold issue, then I suggest purchasing from Kinguin alternative like Eneba and Gamivo which have the lowest prices anyway.

Or even on G2A but be noted that you will pay more for a particular game on G2A as they have the highest seller fees.

If you want to see how Kinguin compares and differes with other marketplaces, then be sure to check my Kinguin vs G2A vs Eneba vs Gamivo comparison.

Kinguin Returns And Refunds

Being able to return defective merchandise to the seller is common practise in most industries. Many online companies offer exchanges or refunds for defective items knowing that the majority of these transactions are “blind purchases.”

Blind purchases are orders that have been completed before the customer actually assessed what they’ve purchased and usually refers on online purchases. Game key transactions are a little more complicated.

Game keys are different than most other online merchandise. Any defective physical products can be mailed back to the seller. Game keys are digital items. There isn’t a physical product to be returned if the item doesn’t work.

The only way that you wouldn’t receive what you purchased is if the game key was revoked, invalid, or already used.

Game keys can’t be revoked by third-party sellers. There isn’t any real way in which you can return non-working game key after you’ve paid for and received it.

You can ask the seller for a refund if the game key is region-restricted, invalid, or has already been used.

You’ll need to prove that the particular game key has been previously used on another Steam account, can’t be used in the region where you live, is invalid, etc. in order to receive a replacement or a refund.

But getting refund is usually easier said than done. Sellers are not always copperative or willing to provide refund or replacement. In case of G2A money back guarantee, you even need to file police report to get refund.

Cancelling Orders And Returns

There may be times when you change your mind about a game either before or after you’ve sent payment for it. Working with a site that allows you to halt the order so that you won’t receive it and won’t be billed and prevent your payment from going through would be very beneficial in this type of situation.

Canceled game key orders don’t happen very often. That’s because the products are digital and are usually sent fairly rapidly after payment has been accepted. Kinguin will permit cancellation of certain orders depending on order status.

You can cancel your order if the payment is either in pending status or it hasn’t been completed. You’ll have to contact Kinguin’s customer service team via live chat to cancel orders that have already been paid for and are currently being processed or have been put on hold before they are sent out.

Completed orders can’t be canceled. Any order with a “completed” status has already been delivered.

Customer Support

All online marketplaces are bound to have occasional problems. Great platforms address those problems and resolve issues in a short amount of time. That’s why having good customer support is so essential.

Effective online marketplaces should provide customers with multiple ways of reaching their customer service staff. They should be responsive enough to provide you with the information and answers that you need whenever you have a question or concern.

Clients can use email and live chat to reach Kinguin’s customer support team. Kinguin claims that all requests will receive a response in a timely manner. In reality, you will need to wait several days to receive an answer from Kinguin’s support.

If you don’t want to wait that long for an answer, you can try contacting customer service by live chat. However, their live chat support staff can’t always answer your questions right away or they don’t have “power” to do certain things. So you might still need to open a support ticket to resolve the issue.

Kinguin Order On Hold FAQ

Here are most common questions regarding Kinguin order on hold issue:

1. Why is my Kinguin order on hold?

Usually order on hold happens if your billing information entered on Kinguin and information provided by payment gateway are not the same, if you used VPN or proxy to purchase or if you made a large purchase.

2. How long does it take for Kinguin support to answer ticket?

Kinguin support is very slow and you will in most cases need to wait a couple of days to receive a response.

3. How long do I need to wait to receive purchased order?

Usually, you will receive your order in 15 minutes but it can take even a few hours or days if your order is on hold.

4. How do I get a refund on Kinguin?

If your order is already completed and delivered, then you can get a refund only if there is an issue with the received game key.

5. How long do Kinguin orders take to process?

Products are usually sent within 10-15 minutes of Kinguin receiving the payment from the buyer. Due to some fraud risk, some orders may take even up to a few days to be processed, depending on the cooperation of the customer.

Kinguin Order Pending Conclusion

Kinguin and other secondary online game marketplaces are around because many gamers want ways to find the games they love at prices they can afford.

You may be thinking twice about purchasing items from Kinguin’s site after reading about negative experiences that some people have had in the past.

But Kinguin is a fully legitimate site. However, there still may be times when the game keys that you purchase on their website either don’t work at all or stop working after a certain period of time. There may also be game keys that have been revoked for one reason or another.

Kinguin is still safe way to purchase various gaming titles at affordable prices.

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