G2A Plus Review – Is It Worth It & How To Cancel G2A Plus?

Most gamers have heard about G2A marketplace or already use it to purchase game keys. It’s a large online game marketplace that connects sellers with buyers.

Keys for Uplay, Origin, Steam, Epic Games, GOG, etc. can be bought and sold on G2A site. You can also find software licenses, 3D skins, electronics, apparel, gaming chairs, gift cards, and much more.

Prices for many of the games on G2A are way affordable than buying through Steam, Origin, Uplay, etc. That’s why so many people visit the G2A website every month.

There is also G2A Loot part of the G2A site that offers the option to open loot creates using loot points. Loot cases let site users try to win games at significantly lower costs. You can check more about it in my post “what is G2A Loot.”


If you ever visited the G2A website you have also seen G2A Plus option at some point. I will use this G2A Plus review article to describe what is G2A Plus. I will show benefits so that you can determine if it’s worth the investment.

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G2A Plus Review

G2A Plus is a subscription-based membership provided by G2A. Each member receives perks such as exclusive sale offers, free G2A Loot Points, and other items.

You can sign up for a membership on the G2A Plus landing page or during a purchase on the G2A website.

G2A Plus subscribers receive 7 free Loot Points every month. There are also additional benefits for members, such as added discounts on games in the G2A marketplace, priority in the G2A support system, giveaways from G2A, and member-only offers from G2A.com and G2A partner companies.

The landing page dedicated to G2A plus members will be available to you once you activate your G2A Plus membership. This page is updated every month.

How To Activate G2A Plus?

Time needed: 1 minute

The membership can be activated in several ways. Let’s see how:

  1. Main Page

    You can activate G2A Plus membership as either a monthly or annual recurring subscription from its main page of G2A’s website. You can also get G2A Plus gift card and activate the membership for a certain time period if you prefer.

    There are several ways you can use to activate G2A Plus.

  2. Buy With Plus Option

    The “Buy with Plus” option will appear whenever you browse product listings on G2A marketplace.

    If you’re interested, simply click on that option when you’re on a particular product page.

    The G2A Plus subscription will then be added to your order. The product that you orginally ordered will also appear on the checkout page with a discounted price.

    Is G2A Plus worth it? Should you buy G2A Plus?

  3. During Checkout

    You can also buy and activate a G2A Plus membership while you’re on the checkout page. This is completely optional.

    Is G2A Plus scam or is it legit?

How To Cancel G2A Plus?

If you would no longer want to be part of the G2A Plus program, it is not complicated tp deactivate G2A Plus membership. Subscription benefits will continue until the period for which you’ve paid your membership.

Start by logging in to your G2A account and finding the G2A Plus tab. It will be in the G2A dashboard under the “My Account” tab.

You can cancel your membership by selecting the “Deactivate your subscription” button that appears. A popup will ask you if you’re sure that you want to cancel your subscription. You can confirm this choice by clicking on the “Cancel membership” selection.

You can also access the settings of your Plus subscription by scrolling down the main page when you’re logged in to your G2A Account.


1. What is G2A Plus?

It is G2A subscription service which brings their members some additional benefits.

2. Is G2A Plus worth it?

G2A Plus is worthy investment especially if you buy often on G2A marketplace.

3. How to deactivate G2A Plus?

You can disable G2A Plus from your G2A account dashboard.

4. What does G2A Plus do?

G2A Plus brings exclusive perks to subscribers.

5. How much G2A Plus costs?

Price for G2A Plus is 1.99 EUR/month or 19.99 EUR/year.

Is G2A Plus Worth It?

G2A offers G2A Plus as its own exclusive subscription service for its site users. It is same as to what Gamivo Smart is on Gamivo marketplace.

Membership provides additional discounts on products and access to the lowest prices for games on their website.

Members also receive customized cases containing a free game personalized for each members’ unique interests every month.

G2A Plus is well worth the investment. Subscribers can save considerable amounts on games that are purchased using their memberships instead of paying the normal prices listed on G2A.com.

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