Is Green Man Gaming Legit? Green Man Gaming Review Pros & Cons (2023)

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Product Name: Green Man gaming

Product Description: Green Man Gaming is an online video game retailer that’s based in the UK but does most of its business outside of the UK. While the vast majority of the games in their catalogue are PC games, some of them can be selected for the MAC, Playstation 4, XBOX One, and various PC VR platforms like the Oculus Rift.

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Green Man Gaming is online store for game keys and the first choice for millions of passionate gamers around the world.


  • No additional fees like tax, customer protection fee, etc.
  • No payment gateway fees
  • Wide selection of games
  • Often discounts and sales
  • Instant key delivery
  • Affordable prices
  • Easy to use
  • Region restrictions clearly displayed


  • Their refund policy states that they are unable to provide refunds once key has been sent which can sometimes make harder to get refund (depending on issue)

PC gamers have plenty of options when it comes to purchasing game keys. But some online game stores are more reliable and trusted than others.

Green Man Gaming is online game key marketplace that’s highly respected and frequented by many gamers.

You may have already heard about Green Man Gaming but still not sure if their website is safe to use.

The following information in this Green Man Gaming review will help you determine whether or not it’s safe to purchase from it.

Steam has always been considered the primary source for online game distribution. That’s left many smaller rival companies fighting for what’s left.

Steam massive corporation probably barely notices the attempts by other smaller online marketplaces to attract customers to their sites.


Just because these companies are small and don’t have a large market share doesn’t mean that they’re any less important.

These smaller digital distribution outlets often have lower prices on game titles and other incentives.

Green Man Gaming online store has a huge selection of titles from indie games to AAA titles. It’s a good place to go if you’re looking to find a great deal on games.

Green Man Gaming Review

Green Man Gaming is legit online game retailer based in the United Kingdom. The company was established in 2009.

It distributes digital editions of Playstation 4, Nintendo 3DS, and PC games in 16 different currencies and 195 countries around the globe. Green Man Gaming currently has Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and English language portals as of writing this.

There are more than 7,000 titles available for sale on Green Man Gaming website. You’ll find everything from the latest offerings by Sony and Nintendo to lesser-known titles by small or obscure game publishers.

Green Man Gaming provides game keys for Steam titles, as well as games for Ubisoft’s Uplay, EA’s Origin, GOG, and other major game publishing platforms. Game keys are supplied by third-party distributors and game publishers.

You’ll find plenty of upcoming releases, games on sale, new titles, and bestsellers on the home page of Green Man Gaming site. They regularly offer discounts and sales. The Hot Deals tab is one of their site’s most popular sections.

Green Man Gaming often provides coupon codes that allow users to save an additional discount on games, including titles that are already discounted.

How Does Green Man Gaming Work?

But how does Green Man Gaming work? It is like any other online store. You can purchase various games on their site and you will receive a game key to activate.

In case of Steam you will get key to activate on your Steam account. If game uses Origin or Uplay you don’t get key. Instead game will be connected to your Uplay or Origin account as they use “silent key activation.”

Green Man Gaming’s website has several helpful search categories to sort through game types and genres to help you find the title that you’re looking for.

New releases, upcoming titles, and bestsellers are just some of the categories that you can search through.

Green Man Gaming has VIP membership with various perks to reward loyal customers. Members can use the VIP section to access special discounts and free game offers.

Green Man Gaming VIP brings perks like discounts on selected game titles.

There’s also a forum section on Green Man Gaming’s website. The forum area is where players and site users can discuss a wide variety of topics on their favorite games. You can enter sub-forums to discuss free games, retro titles, and mobile games with other players.

Is Green Man Gaming Safe To Buy From?

Safety is usually a concern for many people who are interested in buying game keys.

Game keys purchased on Green Man Gaming’s site are legit. They have been proven to provide fully functioning game keys. However, you still may run into an occasional issue once in a while.

I have been purchasing on Green Man Gaming for years. I think I only once reported an issue.

How To Purchase?

Purchasing on GMG is straightforward and easy.

  1. Find the game

    Find the game you are interested in purchasing by using search option on top of the site or you can check current deals. When you find the game you are looking, click on it. You will then be redirected to game page.

    How to purchase on Green Man Gaming?

  2. Add to cart

    On product page you can see information such as platform, DRM, edition, region restrictions, requirements, etc. When you are ready you can click “Add to cart” button.

    Is Green Man Gaming trustworthy site to purchase from?

  3. Proceed to payment

    After you have added all games which you wish to purchase in cart, click “View cart” icon in top right corner.

    Advantages of using Green Man Gaming store.

  4. Proceed to payment

    You will then have option to enter discount coupon code if you have any and proceed to payment.

    Disadvantages of using Green Man Gaming.

  5. Place order

    Here you choose payment option you wish to use and place order. You have PayPal, credit card, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Paysafecard, and UnionPay as options.

    Is Green Man Gaming scam website?

  6. Receive key

    After payment you will be redirected to page where you will see keys for purchased items.

Where Does GMG Get Its Keys?

Green Man Gaming’s chief executive officer Paul Sulyok stated in 2015 that the company’s policy was to only resell game keys that were either supplied by authorized third parties that give revenue back to game publishers or directly from the game publishers themselves.

Things have changed since that statement was made. Now when you visit Green Man Gaming’s website, you should see the disclaimer “Official Retailer – Every game comes directly from publishers” on the banner of their home page. This should dispel any doubts as to whether or not the game keys on their site are legitimate.

If you’ve ever been confused as to why this is even a concern, you should know that there are three different types of game keys. There are white market keys, black market keys, and grey market keys.

White market keys have a direct trail to the game publisher via direct access or authorized third parties.

Black market keys are typically exploited or stolen keys. Many of them will not work, as they are often deactivated as soon they are discovered by publishers.

Gray market keys are a little more complicated. They might or might not be legitimate. You probably won’t know beforehand if the particular key is authorized or if it can be activated in a specific region of the world.

Green Man Gaming’s CEO has told that they have over 400 legitimate key distributors, developers, and publishers which they work with to meet customer demands.

Green Man Gaming may have taken some actions regarding game keys in the past that could be viewed as less than honest or ethical.

But the company has worked on improving their stance in recent years by ensuring that all game keys that are put up for sale on their website are legitimate. They’ve demonstrated proof that they only work with white market game key suppliers.

What Type Of Deals Do They Have?

You can find many different types of deals on the Green Man Gaming site. Their discounts on games can be anywhere from 10 to 75%.

They typically offer several seasonal holiday sales that last for a few weeks at a time. During these sales, discounts are offered on both new and current titles from popular publishers.

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Special codes are offered on their site from time to time for additional discounts. Check their site regularly to see what codes are being promoted.

They are known for offering discounts on new games, many of which can be pre-ordered on their site.

Store FAQ

Is Green Man Gaming legit?

Yes, Green Man Gaming is legit online game key marketplace.

Is Green Man Gaming safe to buy from?

Yes, Green Man Gaming is safe to buy from.

How does Green Man Gaming work?

Green Man Gaming is an online marketplace where you can buy game keys that you activate on Steam, Uplay, Origin, GOG, Epic Games, etc.

How to get refund on Green Man Gaming?

If you have any issue with the purchased key, you just need to contact GMG support.

Is Green Man Gaming Legit?

Green Man Gaming is a worldwide e-commerce technology business. They are one of the most popular online game marketplaces and can be considered as Steam alternative for buying games.

Their site has a huge selection of well-known titles and games from independent publishers.

They provide games at affordable prices because of their work with more than 400 game developers and publishers from across the globe.

Game keys purchased on Green Man Gaming’s website are perfectly safe to use. You might want to reach out to their customer service support staff if you have any ethical questions or concerns.

There is no evidence or worries regarding potential breaches of confidential Green Man Gaming customer data. Each and every transaction conducted on their website is fully encrypted. As far as we know, their site has never been compromised in any way.

So is Green Man Gaming legit? Yes, it is a completely legitimate site. Even though they may not have as many titles as Steam, Green Man Gaming is constantly expanding its library of available games.

One area in which Green Man Gaming excels over Steam is their customer service. Their dedicated support staff is always ready to assist with the game key issues that happen from time to time.

Green Man Gaming offers great games at great prices. It’s rather rare to not find a good deal on their site. You can also save a considerable amount of money by pre-ordering games.

Green Man Gaming also runs regular sales like Steam, but at deeper discounted prices.

You can check what other buyers had to say about Green Man Gaming by checking Trustpilot reviews.

Best alternatives to GMG are G2A, KinguinEneba, and Gamivo which are most popular online key marketplaces. For buying game bundles, check Fanatical.

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