How To Sell On Gamivo? All Gamivo Merchant Selling Fees

Gamivo is an online digital product marketplace. People can buy or sell game keys much like on Eneba, Kinguin, and G2A. In this post I will discuss how to sell on Gamivo and become merchant as well as all fees that marketplace charges.

Gamivo’s marketplace doesn’t have any DVDs, boxes, or any other physical items. Everything bought and sold on their site is digital.

Buying is simple. There are no shipping costs, and products are delivered by email in a matter of minutes.

You can purchase game keys for, Bethesda, Epic Games, Origin, Steam, GOG, Epic Games, Uplay, etc.


You can also buy Xbox live game keys and memberships, Playstation network cards, Amazon gift cards, PUBG cases, Microsoft Office and Windows keys, iTunes gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Nintendo CD keys, software licenses, and prepaid gift card keys.

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Gamivo Selling Fees

If you want to sell on Gamivo as a seller, then you need to know all Gamivo selling fees. Here are most important things to know:

  • GAMIVO charges fee depending on your tier (see more info below). After a product has been sold, the remaining amount will be transferred to your account.
  • The payout review time may differ depending on the type of the Merchant account. Standard payout review time is set to 10 business days (excluding weekends and holidays).
  • Due to external payment provider costs for exchange rates, ​GAMIVO charges a 1% conversion fee out of every payout​.
  • Gamivo doesn’t charge fee for creating product listing nor for ading product keys.
  • The price change fee is 0.10 EUR but you can change product price once every 24h for free.
  • Gamivo charges a refund fee. This means that every time you refund the buyer, you are additionally charged 1 EUR per key.
  • In case the buyer makes payment reversal you are additionally charged 15-30 EUR depending on which payment gateway the buyer used to purchase.
  • There is also a fee for revoked keys. This means that if your sold key gets revoked, you are charged a 10 EUR fee.
  • Gamivo has wholesale marketplace. When you sell on wholesale marketplace fee is 3%.

Gamivo fees depending on your tier:

Your Sales Tier will be recalculated every quarter and announced on the 10th of the month starting the new quarter.

Your new tier will be calculated based on the average performance of the last two quarters (amount in fees you earned for Gamivo).

Tiers are as follows:

  • Tier 1 – 7.9% + 0.35€ commission and 5-day review period
  • Tier 2 – 8% + 0.35€ commission and 7-day review period
  • Tier 3 – 8.2% + 0.4€ commission and 8-day review period
  • Tier 4 – 6.95% + 0.35€ commission and 10-day review period

There are also payout fees. Payouts are done in EUR.

Bank transfer:
-SEPA payouts: 5€
-SWIFT payouts: 5€
PayPal Mass Pay:
-Processing fee: 5€
-Additional fee maybe be charged by PayPal
-2% + 5€ flat fee
-5€ flat fee + 2,5€ deducted at Payoneer’s side
-2% + 5€ flat fee

USD payouts are converted from EUR based on the ECB exchange ratio one business day before the payout processing by GAMIVO.

Minimal daily payout amount is set to 50€, maximal daily payout amount is set to 5000€.

Payouts will be processed up to 7 business days. Time depends on the chosen payout method.

Available balance can be spent on GAMIVO for purchases ​​free of charge.

Merchant Promotion System

Every seller on Gamivo can promote items that they want to sell. Promoted items will be shown on top before all other offers even if promoted price is higher than other offers.

There’s a feature in the merchant dashboard that allows doing this. Here’s a step-by-step process:

1. From the merchant dashboard, go to the “Offers” tab.

2. Select the “Promotion” tab to choose your Daily Budget. The Daily Budget is the amount of money that you’re willing to spend to promote your items each day.

3. Return to the “Active” tab. To promote a particular item, just click on the “Promote” button that’s next to that product.

4. Next, choose your Cost Per Click (CPC) Limit. This limit is how much you want to spend whenever a customer purchases your promoted item.

Setting CPC for promoting game.

5. Select the “Save” option to keep your changes.

6. If your Cost Per Click is higher than that of other merchants that also use the Promotion System, your offer will be on the top of the offers list.

Refund Policy

If a customer requests a refund after purchase, Gamivo charges a 1 EUR refund fee to the merchant if one or more of the following conditions are met:

1. The game key provided doesn’t match with the platform, language, or region of the product that’s listed in the game description.

2. The game key is a duplicate or invalid and either the replacement was faulty or the customer doesn’t want a replacement key. Pre-order cancellations and order resignations (such as game keys that weren’t delivered) are not included.

Gamivo And VAT

VAT is charged to customers (buyers) according to the country that they live in.

Sellers will receive all necessary data about the VAT that was charged to each of their customers.

The seller is responsible for any further matters that may need to be addressed with their country tax office.

How To Sell On Gamivo?

In order to verify new sellers, you will need to provide some information concerning you and your business. 

Time needed: 2 minutes

Register account on Gamivo and verify as a seller providing some basic documents and info. After you are approved you will have option to sell.

  1. Sell item

    In order to sell you will need to click on “Sell new item” button from your account dashboard.

    How to sell game keys on Gamivo?

  2. Find product you wish to sell

    Using search feature, find the product you wish to sell. If the product is not in Gamivo database, then you can request that they add it.

    Find the product you wish to sell using search option.

  3. Set price

    Set price you wish to sell the game for retail and wholesale. You can choose to sell either on retail, wholesale or both.

    Set the price for which you wish to sell your game keys.

  4. Upload keys

    Then you upload keys. If you have scans of product keys, you can easily upload them too.

    Upload game keys to sell on Gamivo website.

  5. Save offer

    When you are done just click “Save offer” button and you are done.

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