Instant Gaming Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Is Instant Gaming Legit & Safe To Use?

Low prices on game keys
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Product Name: Instant Gaming

Product Description: Instant Gaming is one of the many sites that helps people buy digital copies of their favorite games at affordable prices.

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Instant Gaming is legit online marketplace where you can buy various game key. Instant Gaming’s prices are quite impressive, especially for new releases. You can often find discounts of up to 70% off regular retail prices.


  • No additional fees like tax, customer protection fee, etc.
  • No payment gateway fees (except PayPal and PaySafeCard)
  • Wide selection of games
  • Often discounts and sales
  • Instant key delivery
  • Affordable prices
  • Easy to use
  • Region restrictions clearly displayed


  • Sometimes they require that you send copy of your ID in order to verify identity or even require phone number for verification
  • Some customers reported getting used or invalid game keys

Instant Gaming is popular store where you can buy game keys for various platforms. In this Instant Gaming review, I will show you its pros & cons and answer if it is legit and safe to use site.

The digital world has continued to expand in many areas in recent years. The gaming market has seen unprecedented and unpredicted growth.

Much of this is due to Steam’s popularity, but Xbox Game Pass, EA Access, Playstation NOW, and other subscription services have also contributed to this success.

It’s much cheaper now to buy games digitally than ever before. Gamers can save more money and easily acquire various old and new gaming titles.

Instant Gaming is one of the many sites that provides people the option to buy digital copies of their favorite games at affordable prices.

The site has quickly grown in popularity over the last several years and has become a trusted resource for gaming enthusiasts.


Instant Gaming has become rather well-known and appreciated in the gaming community for its legitimacy, transparency, and cost savings to customers.

This Instant Gaming review article will examine Instant Gaming in greater detail. I’ll explain the benefits, pros, cons and discuss how Instant Gaming works.

Instant Gaming Review – What Is Instant Gaming?

Instant Gaming is a website that allows users to buy game codes for a wide variety of video games.

You can buy game codes that can be redeemed at the Microsoft Store, Playstation Network, Origin, Steam (check best Steam alternatives), Uplay, GOG, Epic Games, etc.

You can pay with PayPal, credit card, PaySafeCard, Sofort, iDeal, and other payment methods. The entire process is quick and trustworthy.

Games arrive instantly once they’ve been purchased. That’s why the company’s called Instant Gaming. You can redeem your game codes right away.

You can see all the games that you’ve bought by going into your account and reviewing purchase history.

There’s more to Instant Gaming than just buying game codes. It’s a very active online community.

People can see other people’s wishlists and even buy games for each other. You can even share trophies that you have acquired by buying different titles.

You are awarded with trophies for various activities on site.

All games purchased on site include information on how to install the game, links to any DLCs that were bought, images, product specifications, and other relevant data.

Is Instant Gaming Legit? Are Keys Legal?

The game codes sold on Instant Gaming’s website are legitimate. Each game key comes directly from the suppliers.

Instant Gaming buys from suppliers in large quantities which often secures way cheaper price. They are then able to pass these savings off to consumers.

Instant Gaming’s prices are quite impressive, especially for new releases. You can often find discounts of up to 70% off of regular retail prices.

You can purchase games for much less than what you’ll find elsewhere. For example, you can preorder games for significantly lower prices than the standard launch price.

The site has discounts for PC games as well as console titles for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Next-generation games will also be added to Instant Gaming’s ever-expanding library of available products.

How To Purchase On Instant Gaming Store?

Purchasing products on Instant Gaming’s website is easy. You can either log in with your Google or Facebook profile, or you can visit their site directly and register by creating a user account.

You can then search for your favorite games. Filters allow you to look for titles according to category (such as sports, RPG, first-person shooter, etc.) or platform (Steam, Playstation, Xbox, and others).

You can filter games based on platform, genre, price, rating, etc.

After you’ve found the games that you want and are ready to buy them, you can pay via credit card, direct debit payment, Skrill, Paysafe, or PayPal. Transactions are secure.

From what I can see some payment types have an additional fee and some don’t (maybe it depends on the country). The fee will vary depending on the cart amount. However, these fees are usually rather low and they help to ensure the safety of each purchase.

The last thing that you’ll need to do when checking out is to enter the name of the country that you live in. This information will determine the taxes for your order.

If you’ve selected PayPal as your payment method, you’ll need to follow the two-factor authentification process before you can complete the order.

This confirms that the order was placed by you and not someone else. Instant Gaming will call you to provide a numeric serial number that should be entered in a specific section of a form.

After that information has been entered correctly, you’ll then receive the access code for your purchased game that can be entered on the platform like Steam to start downloading.

You can also see your purchase history. This is helpful if you want to keep track of all the items that you’ve bought on Instant Gaming.

How to purchase games on Instant Gaming store?

  1. Find game

    Go to Instant Gaming website, register and find the game you wish to purchase. You can browse store or use search option to quicky find the game.

    How to purchase game on Instant Gaming store?

  2. Add to cart

    Once on product page, you can check information, comments, user ratings, and even live streams. Click “Buy” button to proceed to payment page.

    How Instant Gaming works?

  3. Order summary

    You will see order summary, VAT (if applicable), option to use promo code, buy order as gift, etc.

    Order summary page will show any potential fees associated with the order, option to apply discount code, send order as gift, etc.

  4. Selecting payment method

    On the same page you will need to enter billing info and select payment method. You can select to pay via credit card, PayPal, Sofort, iDeal, PaySafeCard, and few other payment methods.

    There are several payment gateway options when paying on Instant Gaming including credit card, Paypal, etc.

  5. Receiving key

    After payment you will be able to access your purchased products from your IG account.

    You can see all your purchases from your Instant Gaming account dashboard.

Instant Gaming Truspilot Ratings

Instant Gaming has great Trustpilot reviews. Many people use Trustpilot to determine whether or not particular sites are reliable.

The vast majority of Instant Gaming’s Trustpilot reviews are superb. Big 89% of more than 490,000 Trustpilot reviews rate Instant Gaming with the maximum five stars.

Store FAQ

1. How Instant Gaming works?

Using the search option, you can find the game you are interested in. Add it to the cart and go through the payment process. After payment, you will get a serial key to activate on platform like Steam, Origin, Uplay, etc.

2. How is Instant Gaming so cheap?

They purchase game keys in bulk from various suppliers and get discount on quantity.

3. How reliable is Instant Gaming?

Instant Gaming is a reliable site to use. Like with any store, it is in their interest to keep customers happy so that they always return for future purchases.

4. Is Instant Gaming safe to use?

Instant Gaming is safe to use. They use SSL certificate on their website and various security measures so your payments are always secured.

5. Is Instant Gaming legit website?

Instant Gaming is a legit website which is in business for a long time and there shouldn’t be any issues with keys. In case of problems, there is customer support service.

6. Can Instant Gaming be trusted?

Instant Gaming store can be trusted for purchases of game keys so you are safe to use the website.

7. Is Instant Gaming trustworthy site?

Yes, Instant Gaming is a trustworthy website which operates for several years now and has many satisfied customers.

8. What is Instant Gaming website?

It is an online store where you can purchase game keys for various gaming titles and activate them on platforms such as Steam, Origin, Uplay, etc.

9. Are Instant Gaming keys global?

The codes are sometimes subject to a regional restriction, but this is not always the case. If they are any region restrictions, that information will be visible on the page of each game before purchase.

10. Is Instant Gaming grey market?

The grey market can be characterized as a place that isn’t illegal but might not be totally ethical. Instant Gaming and similar stores are legal shops that get their serial keys from publishers via various distribution channels.

11. Is Instant Gaming reliable?

Instant Gaming is a reliable online store where you can buy game serial keys for various platforms like Steam, Origin, Uplay, GOG, Epic Games Store, XBOX, PS, etc.

12. Is it possible to get refund on Instant Gaming?

Considering the nature of the CD keys in most cases a refund is possible, but there may be set deadline till when you can report issue.

Is Instant Gaming Safe To Use?

You can purchase DLCs and CD game keys on Instant Gaming at prices that are much less than the retail rates.

You can find titles to add to your Origin, Playstation 4, Steam, Uplay, Xbox, or any other platform collection.

It only takes a few minutes to create an account. Once you’ve done that, any products that you’ve purchased will be shown in the My Orders list immediately after the transaction has been completed.

You can ask for a refund on unused game keys. Refunds can take up to ten days. You can pre-order upcoming titles and buy currently available games at great discount.

Sites Like Instant Gaming – Instant Gaming vs G2A

Instant Gaming is a great resource for CD keys for all types of games, from the latest blockbusters to lesser-known independent titles.

People of all ages and interests anywhere in the world can quickly find their favorite games at prices that won’t break their budget. Their selection and deals are what keeps people coming back to Instant Gaming for more.

Some of the most popular Instant Gaming alternatives are:

1. G2A

G2A helps connect game buyers and sellers. G2A itself doesn’t sell any products. It’s just the online marketplace where game keys and other related items are bought and sold.

You can find game keys that can be purchased and activated for Epic Games, GOG, Origin, Steam, Uplay, etc.

For more info, you can check my G2A review and G2A vs Kinguin vs Gamivo vs Eneba comparison.

2. Kinguin

Kinguin is another popular platform used by game key sellers and buyers. All game keys on the website are provided by third-party sellers that use their platform.

For more info, you can check my Kinguin review.

3. Eneba

Eneba is quickly becoming a preferred marketplace for many gamers. Their affordable prices and impressive selections are the primary reason why so many people flock to the site every day.

For more info you can check my Eneba review.

4. Gamivo

Gamivo is an online game marketplace that operates similarly to G2A, Kinguin, and Eneba. People can purchase digital activation codes for PC games, XBOX, PS, etc.

Gamivo strives for a better overall experience for consumers who are already faced with a highly competitive e-commerce gaming market. For more info you can check my Gamivo review.

Other Instant Gaming alternatives include Green Man Gaming, GamersGate, GameBillet, Gameflip, Voidu, Win Game Store, GamesPlanet, MMOGA, etc.

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