Is Gameflip Legit & Safe To Use? Gameflip Review PROS & CONS (2023)

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Product Name: Gameflip

Product Description: Gameflip is one of the most popular online stores and community for esports fans and gamers from all around the world.

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Gameflip is a gaming marketplace and community that connects buyers and sellers in one place.


  • Gameflip Compete marketplace
  • You can sell and buy both physical and digital items, as well as other products such as consoles, collectibles, and accessories
  • Gameflip Buyer Guarantee
  • Gameflip Creative option
  • Huge selection of items on marketplace


  • Many scam sellers are on Gameflip 
  • They often require that you verify your identity by, for example, sending picture of yourself with social ID and my debit card next to it (which sometimes is just unnecessary)
  • Slow and unrealiable customer support

Gameflip (Compete + Market) is one of the most popular online stores for esports fans and gamers from around the world. In this Gameflip review I will show its pros, cons and answer is Gameflip legit and safe to use site.

Gameflip Compete lets gamers improve their skills and enhance their abilities by accessing training videos and receiving personalized one-on-one lessons from the best pro gamers.

Gameflip Market allows people to sell and buy games, in-game items, gift cards, and other digital products.


Gameflip has amassed a following of more than 5 million people from all over the globe since its launch in 2016. These followers come from more than 100 different countries and conduct transactions in millions of USD on Gameflip’s site monthly.

Is Gameflip Legit?

Gameflip’s online marketplace is a safe and secure place to sell and buy both physical and digital items, as well as other products such as consoles, collectibles, and accessories.

Gameflip store provides option to sell digital and physical items.

All gaming-associated items can be found on their site. You can find hidden gems, the newest releases and you can sell gaming items to earn money. So yes, Gameflip is legit website.

How Does Gameflip Work? Gameflip Marketplace

Gameflip controls the transaction from start to finish. It eliminates stress for buyers and sellers.

Sellers and buyers are informed during every step. They’ll know about the product listing, shipment, purchases, delivery, transaction, ratings, etc.

Payments from buyers are held by Gameflip after a purchase has been made. Gameflip holds the payment until the buyer confirms that he received what he ordered, inspected, and approved the product before payment is released to the seller.

Buyers need to click the “Complete Transaction” option. Sellers are asked to rate the buyer before the transaction can be completed. All sales are final after these actions have been completed. The seller will then receive payment for the sale in their Gameflip account.

Selling On Gameflip

Selling products on Gameflip’s marketplace is simple and secure. Listings are free and completed in a matter of moments.

Sellers pay Gameflip commissions of 8% for physical product listings and 10% for digital product listings.

Is Gameflip trustworthy marketplace?
Is Gameflip scam website?
You can also sell in-game items on Gameflip.

Commissions are only added to the listings for products that have been sold successfully on Gameflip’s website. Commissions are deducted from a listing price for each sale before funds are transferred to the seller’s account.

Buyers need to select the “Complete Transaction” option for each sale before sellers can be paid. The aim is to have a transparent marketplace that is completely secure and safe for all members of the community.

All sales are final and no refunds are offered unless the item purchased either doesn’t work or doesn’t match the product description. Gameflip’s Buyer Guarantee covers buyers in those situations.

No returns or refunds are allowed after a transaction has been finalized. Completing the transaction means that the buyer has agreed to the terms and conditions of the sale and will accept the products that were purchased.

Gameflip asks sellers to be as descriptive and detailed as they can be when adding product listings to avoid confusion or possible disputes.

Buyers are asked to look at a product’s condition, description, listing photos, and the seller’s ratings before making a purchase. They can ask the seller for more information if they have questions or concerns about a particular listing.

Sellers can rate a buyer after transactions have been finalized. There are three rating types to choose from: Good, Neutral, or Poor. Sellers must provide a comment along with their rating to fully explain their interaction with the specific buyer.

Rating seller on Gameflip example.

After the delivery date, the buyer has three days to decide whether or not to accept the product. The transaction will be considered complete if the buyer doesn’t confirm the transaction before that time period expires.

Money earned from selling items on Gameflip’s site can be used to buy items on Gameflip’s online marketplace. You can also withdraw money to your Skrill account, Transferwise or Payoneer account.

You can request to withdraw Cash Balance at any time by navigating to Menu > Balance > Cash balance > Available for payout.

Withdrawal requests can be made for the amount over $2. There’s a withdrawal fee of $1 for requests to withdraw cash balances of $10 or less. If the withdrawal request is for a cash balance over $10, the withdrawal fee is only $0.25.

You’ll need to confirm your bank account and your identity for any withdrawal requests. You’ll be asked to provide full legal name, social security number, bank account number, and bank routing number.

Buying On Gameflip

Purchasing products on Gameflip’s site is easy and secure. It only takes a few minutes of your time. All you need to do is to find the items you want, select the payment method, and fill in the necessary shipping information. That’s it!

You can buy on Gameflip game keys, in-game items, gaming gift cards, store gift cards, etc.

Products can be purchased using any of the following methods:

  • Apple Pay
  • All major credit cards (American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa)
  • Bitcoin (this method can only be used for buying digital items)
  • Cash balance funds that you receive from selling items on Gameflip

Gameflip Credits

Credits are currency in the Gameflip app. They can be used for any purchase made on Gameflip’s website.

One credit is equal to $1. Credits can only be applied to items bought in the Gameflip online marketplace.

Credits can’t be withdrawn from user accounts or traded to other people. Credits can also expire. The default date for credit expiration is 7 days from the date they were granted.

Is Gameflip Safe To Use? Gameflip Guarantee

Gameflip offers free protection for any items that you buy on their site. The Gameflip Buyer Guarantee allows your money to be refunded if the items ordered did not match their product descriptions.

The guarantee can be used when any of the following situations occur:

1. Buyers don’t receive the item that they purchased.

2. The product that a buyer received doesn’t function properly.

3. The item received from the seller doesn’t match its product description.

How To Sell On Gameflip?

Any gaming-related products can be sold on Gameflip’s site, except for prohibited items. Gameflip is a transparent and secure online marketplace. They may make more requirements for sellers to reduce potential spam or to comply with certain legal requirements.

All sellers must be ID verified before they can sell, list gift cards and digital games on Gameflip’s site. Sellers’ accounts must meet one or more of the following criteria to sell or list items on the Gameflip marketplace:

1. A credit or debit card has been added to their Gameflip account.

2. The seller’s ID has been verified. This can be accomplished by going to the Wallet menu and then choosing “Verify” (or “Document Verification” on the Gameflip app) and then clicking on the “Identify” selection that appears.

How to sell item or services on Gameflip?

  1. Start selling

    Go to your account and choose “Start Selling” option.

    How to sell on Gameflip?

  2. Choosing what to sell

    In next step you can choose to sell either games, in-game items, gift cards, etc. or creative services or training services.

    You can sell either services or digital and physical products on Gameflip.

  3. Select category

    Now you need to select category. Depending which option you pick in previous step, you will have different category options.

    Choosing category when selling items on Gameflip.

  4. Select platform

    In this step you select platfrom. For example, Steam, Origin, Uplay, PS5, Xbox, etc.

    Selecting platfrom when selling on Gameflip.

  5. Verification

    If it is your first time selling, you will need to enter some information like name displayed, photo, etc. You will also need to submit identity verification if you already didn’t done that step.

  6. Entering details

    Depending on category you choose, if you are selling digital or physical product or even service, you will have different fields to enter for your listing before publishing and making it live.

What Is FLP?

FLP is an abbreviation for the FLIP token. These tokens are Gameflip’s own form of cryptocurrency. They were created to be used in Gameflip’s safe and secure digital transactions. The Etherium blockchain network powers the FLP currency.

Using Gameflip FLIP currency you can purchase items.

Tokens can be used to withdraw and deposit funds and to buy and list items on Gameflip’s website. When buying using FLP on Gameflip, you will always be presented with the value of the item in FLP, and for convenience, the equivalent in USD.

An ERC-20 token compatible wallet like MyEtherWallet or Metamask is mandatory to withdraw or deposit FLP on Gameflip.

What Is Gameflip Creative?

Gameflip Creative is a platform with more than 3 million dedicated users. It lets coders, videographers, artists and creative people sell their expertise and talents.

Gameflip Creative offers example.

People can edit videos, create logos, create illustrations, and provide many other services. There are many ways to help gaming community members and make money for your hard work.

What Is Gameflip Club Subscription?

Gameflip CLUB is a set of subscription plans that Gameflip offers to its sellers. The subscriptions are additional perks for those sellers. Some of the benefits that Gameflip CLUB subscription members enjoy are:

  • No sales commissions
  • No digital fees for selling products
  • A sales cap for lowered fees
  • Subscription cost goes from $1-15 per month (for a 30 day period)

Subscription also has a 30-day free trial. After the trial period ends, you’ll be billed $1 monthly (every 30 days).

The subscription plan sales cap is the maximum number of eligible sales per billing cycle that a seller is allowed. After the sales cap has been breached, all sales that follow won’t receive the lowered fees until the next billing cycle begins.

What is Gameflip Compete?

Gameflip Compete helps gamers improve their skills by watching videos that were created by game experts. Also, gamers can play one on one tournaments with professionals and participate in various tournaments specifically developed for the Gameflip community.

Gameflip Compete offers example.

It’s a good idea to know what isn’t allowed before you create a Gameflip Compete listing:

1. Boosting accounts (any services where exchanging account credentials are necessary)

Gameflip doesn’t permit any services that mandate the exchange of game account credentials or any other potentially sensitive information between buyers and sellers.

2. Modding, glitching, hacking or duping

Any listings that involve duping, modding, hacking or glitching are not allowed.

3. Selling of items

Compete is its own individual part of the Gameflip marketplace. It was intended to let people play and learn games from professionals. It forbids buying or selling games or game-related items.

4. Images that don’t relate to the particular sessions

Photos of minors, disturbing content or other sensitive content can’t be part of any listing.

5. Copyright infringement or anything that breaks copyright laws

Copyright infringement is illegal and also prohibited by Gameflip. Copyrights legally protect artists who create music, movies, books, photos, and software (both published and unpublished).

Gameflip FAQ

1. Is Gameflip reliable?

Yes, Gameflip is reliable site for buyer and sellers.

2. Is Gameflip safe?

Gameflip is safe to use as website uses SSLcertificate and other methods to protect sensitive data.

3. Is Gameflip ilegal?

Gameflip is perfectly legal website and there is nothing ilegal about it.

4. How do you use Gameflip?

For any buying or selling on Gameflip website, you will need to register for account. From there you can then browse site and participate in the community.

5. Where is Gameflip locate?

According to Linkedln profile, Gameflip is located in Silicon Valley and is backed by savvy gaming investors such as Bullpen Capital, GoAhead Ventures, Lightbank, and PlayNext.

6. Is Gameflip trustworthy site?

Gameflip is trustworthy site, but like with any site where third-party sellers sell their items, there are always “bad apples” which can ruin the experience for other users.

7. Is Gameflip scam?

Gameflip is not a scam site though there are definitely third-party sellers which only intention is to scam people.

8. What is Gameflip?

Gameflip is a marketplace where you can buy and sell gaming related physical or digital items, or even learn how to be better in games from other professional gamers.

9. How Gameflip works?

Gameflip acs as a middleman. Payments from buyers are held by Gameflip after a purchase. Gameflip holds the payment until the buyer confirms that he received what he ordered.

10. How to sell on Gameflip?

Listing product is free and depedning if you sell physical or digital items, Gameflip takes from 8 – 10% fee. In order to start selling you will need to verify your identity.

11. What are sites similar to Gameflip?

Sites similar to Gameflip are G2A, Kinguin, Eneba, and Gamivo.

Gameflip Review Conclusion

The gaming industry continues to grow every year. Right now the industry brings in about $108.9 billion in annual revenue from more than 2.2 billion gamers spread out across the globe. Approximately $94.4 billion of that revenue was from game publishers selling digital items. It’s expected that amount will only rise.

A secure and simple transaction system for digital products is one aspect of the gaming industry that has yet to meet its full potential. In-game items that players earn through gameplay to help them advance within those games are examples of digital goods.

This is a tremendous opportunity due to increased demand from the gaming community. Gameflip has provided a marketplace that the gaming community needs. Gameflip is a valuable resource for gamers because its safe and secure site lets people buy and sell games, in-game items, gaming related physical items, etc.

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