G2A Loot Review – What Is G2A Loot? Is G2A Loot Rigged & How It Works? Everything You Need To Know!

G2A Loot is a website that offers loot boxes that contain various video game titles. Those games can by hack and slash, racing games, RPG, FPS, or any other genre.

Users can use G2A Loot website to open themed loot cases. This is accomplished by using G2A Loot Points. There is a minimum of five games in each loot case. You can see which featured games you’ve unlocked after you’ve bought and opened a particular loot case.

Not only you can open loot boxes, but you can also create loot boxes for other users to open based on games available from the catalog on G2A’s website. This option is available free of charge.


In this G2A Loot review, I will show what G2A Loot is and how it works. I will discuss if G2A Loot is rigged and is it even worth it participating.

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What Is G2A Loot?

G2A Loot is a service that adds another layer of fun to G2A ecosystem. You can start by choosing the loot case that consists games you are most interested in.

Once you’ve selected case, you can then scroll to see a list of games hidden inside that crate. You can spend your Loot Points to purchase the crate by clicking on the green “Loot this case” button.

how g2a loot works

You can then claim the game and add it to your Steam library after you’ve opened loot crate. If you don’t want a particular game, you can always sell it.

Games can be sold for a certain portion of Loot points (based on the value of the loot box you opened). Loot points earned from the sale can be used toward the purchase of another loot case.

Clicking on the “Free test” button lets you try out how the G2A Loot system works. The free test is a simulation, and you won’t actually receive any games while using simulation.

I noticed that when using free simulation, you often get good titles which is not exactly the case when you try it for real.

You can always see which games are in particular loot case. You will win 5 random games from that loot case.

When you decide to redeem the game to Steam account, you’ll need to enter your Steam Guard token, Steam login and password information before you can add a particular title to your Steam library. After this data has been entered, the game will automatically be added to your Steam account.

Is G2A Loot Legit?

G2A Loot is legit website. You will never go empty-handed after purchasing a crate. The main concern is that most of the games that you will receive will be low-value games (based on price on G2A for which you can buy them), games that you probably already have, or other titles that you’re just not interested in.

This is how it goes with any loot crates, boxes, etc. found in any game or websites. G2A Loot is nothing new and like with casino, here also house always wins.

Example of loot boxes which you can open on G2A Loot website.

G2A Loot account consists of several tabs. Here’s a brief breakdown of what’s contained in each one:

  • Pending Items: This section will display all games that you received in loot boxes but didn’t redeemed. Games obtained from loot cases will appear here for 24 hours. If you don’t claim games in 24 hours interval, they will be resold automatically.
  • Activated Items: Here you can find all of the games that you received from loot boxes and which you claimed.
  • Sold Items: Any games that you received in loot crates and re-sold for a potion of Loot Points instead of claiming will be shown in this section. Games that you didn’t claim after 24 hours will be resold automatically and also displayed under this tab.
  • History: This tab will show all of your loot account activity. You can see any games that were claimed or resold, loot cases that were opened, Loot Points that were used to buy cases, and any Loot Points that were added to your account from bonus sources or from game sales. All events will be listed with the dates when they occurred.
  • Settings: You can use this section to tweak and create your loot reflinks.

How Much Are G2A Loot Points?

Loot Points are the vouchers used in G2A Loot. Game cases are acquired with Loot Points. User needs to buy Loot Points before they can open loot cases. Ten Loot Points can be purchased for one Euro.

10 loot points cost 1 EUR.

The Loot Point value for each case is automatically determined. The retail value of each game and the chances of receiving the particular title in the loot case are taken into consideration when this value is calculated. You can open a loot case and see what games it contains after it’s been purchased using Loot Points.

Here is how you can get loot points:

  • You can go on G2A Loot’s website to buy Loot Points. Selecting the “Add Loot Points” option that appears on the upper right-hand corner of your screen will allow you to purchase Loot Points. Each Euro paid will give you ten Loot Points.
  • You can subscribe to G2A Plus. Subscribers receive 7 free Loot Points each month and other exclusive benefits.

How Does G2A Loot Work?

The loot process is fun and unpredictable. You never know what games you’ll receive.
Most often you will be dissapointed with what you get, but there are occassions where you get decent game in loot crate.

Time needed: 3 minutes

The following is a step-by-step process that explains how G2A Loot system works:

  1. Choosing loot case

    Start by finding a loot case that you’re interested in. You can see a list of the case’s content by clicking on it and scrolling. You can select the “Loot this case” option if you want to use your Loot Points to acquire the case.

    Is G2A Loot rigged or is it safe to use?

  2. Loot game

    Any loot cases that you’ve purchased can then be opened. You can claim the games from those cases and add them to your Steam library.

    If you don’t like or want a specific title, you can sell the game and try for another case. The portion of Loot Points that the game can be sold for will be based on the value of that particular game.

  3. Free test

    You can try out without paying by selecting the “Free test” option. The free test is only a simulation. You won’t receive any games while using the free test.

    You can preview how G2A Loo works by using G2A Loot free test option.

  4. Add game to Steam library

    You’ll need to provide your Steam login, password, and Steam Guard token before you can add a particular game to your Steam game collection. Once you’ve done that, the title will automatically be added to your library.

    Your Steam credentials are safe during this process. G2A does not store them in any way. They are only used for product activation.

    Is G2A Loot legit or scam?

  5. Searching game

    Enter the name of a game that you want in the search bar on the top of your screen. This will show you all the available cases that contain desired title.

    You can use search function to easily find game which interests you most.

  6. Using filters

    You can apply filters to your game searches. There are filters for the cheapest cases, newest cases, featured, most expensive cases, and most popular cases.

    You can find out how many games are included and the value right underneath each case.

    You can use filters to display only certain loot cases.

  7. Scale difficulty

    The difficulty scale tells you how hard or easy it is to acquire particular games.

    The scale is color-coded as follows:
    Gray = Common games
    Yellow = Rare games
    Blue = Special games
    Orange = Epic games

G2A Loot FAQ

Here are most frequently asked questions about G2A Loot:

1. How can I redeem G2A Loot games?

Start at the top right-hand corner of the G2A page and select the “My Loot” option. From there, click on the “Pending Items” tab. This will show you all of the items that can be activated.

If you want to activate a particular game, click on it, and select the “Activate game” option. Then all you have to do is follow the necessary instructions to claim the game.

Just keep in mind that any games that you’ve won need to be activated within 24 hours. After that time, any games that you haven’t activated will be sold for Loot Points automatically.

2. What if I already have the game I got from G2A Loot case?

Any games that you don’t want or already own can always be sold for Loot Points to the G2A Loot organizer.

The amount of Loot Points that you receive will depend on the game’s value. Those Loot Points can then be used to loot other cases.

3. What will happen if I don’t activate the game won in G2A Loot case?

All games that aren’t activated after 24 hours will automatically be sold to the G2A Loot organizer. You’ll receive a specified Loot point portion for each game that is sold after that time.

4. Are there any limits for buying G2A Loot cases?

There’s no limit to how much or how often you can use G2A Loot. However, there are limits on account top-ups. This can only be done up to ten times daily. The total amount can’t go over €500.

5. Are there only Steam games available on G2A Loot?

Yes, only Steam game keys are available on G2A Loot. Also, the Steam games that you can win don’t have any region-restrictions.

6. Why are the G2A Loot games activated automatically? Why can’t I receive a key instead?

Automatic activation makes sure that the game key works properly and has been activated on your account without issues.

7. What if I am using the Steam Guard service?

You’ll receive a code that will be sent by either the mobile app or email. You’ll then be asked to enter that code, if you have Steam Guard activated, when you are claiming the game that you looted.

8. How do you calculate the price for selling looted game?

The value of loot points you can receive for a won looted game will depend on its value. You’ll be able to see the value of the particular item before you have to decide whether or not you want to sell it.

9. What is the possibility to receive a particular game?

The possibility of receiving a certain game may depend on how many items are in a specific case and the rarity of that game.

Chances of getting a specific game from a case with a lot of common items will be different compared to a case with only a few common items, for example.

10. What are G2A Loot private cases?

Private cases are only available using direct link. It is the only way that you can see private cases.

Anyone can see public cases in search results and in the community section of G2A Loot but not private cases.

11. What are the benefits of creating my own G2A Loot cases?

Creating cases allows you to add only games you like. You can also opt to share these cases with others.

You can earn a nice bonus of 10% of the Loot Point value of the game that your friends receive from these cases. Shared cases will be displayed in G2A Loot’s community section.

12. What is G2A Loot?

G2A Loot is a site where you can win games using loot points.

13. Is G2A Loot legit?

G2A Loot is legit service offered by G2A.

14. Is G2A Loot rigged?

G2A Loot is not rigged though you will, in most cases, receive “common” games.

15. How does G2A Loot work?

Start by selecting a loot case. Clicking on that case and scrolling will display all of the games contained in that case.

You can then choose to spend Loot Points and open the case to claim those games by selecting the “loot this case” option.

16. How to get G2A Loot points free?

You can get free loot points if you subscribe to G2A Plus or using reflink system.

17. How much are G2A Loot points?

10 Loot Points = 1 EUR

18. Are G2A Loot cases worth it?

It all depends. You may get lucky, you may not. Most often, you will get low-value game.

Is G2A Loot Worth It?

The G2A.com website has been selling loot cases containing games for several years. Cases have different prices and contain different games. You have a chance of obtaining Steam games in each loot case.

You can’t just buy loot cases with a common currency. Loot Points are what G2A users need to have to purchase loot cases. Ten Loot Points can be purchased for one Euro.

The prices for loot cases can vary. Some can be acquired for as little as 5 Loot Points (the equivalent of 50 cents) while others are available for as much as 240 Loot Points (which is equal to 24 Euros).

The value of particular games and the chances of receiving that game determine the price of a loot case. Some cases will be harder to obtain than others. If you buy a loot case and don’t like a game that was inside, you can resell the game for a portion of loot points. These loot points can then be used to purchase other cases.

Be careful if you’re looking for a good deal. Sometimes you might get lucky, and other times you may be less fortunate.

One nice thing is the fact that G2A lets users combine their old cases to make their own unique loot cases. People can accumulate Loot Points to win these cases.

Case owners can set their own odds of winning particular games, and they don’t even have to own the particular titles that are up for grabs. Titles can be automatically pulled from G2A’s game marketplace for these cases.

Trustpilot has plenty of reviews that you can read to find out more about people’s individual experiences with G2A Loot.

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