How To Become A Merhant & Sell On Kinguin? Kinguin Selling Fees

Kinguin has become increasingly popular since its launch in 2013. It now has more than four million monthly customers from all corners of the globe so if you are a seller it is natural to sell on Kinguin.

Kinguin is an online marketplace that lets people buy and sell games at prices that are lower than retail rates.

Many people use Kinguin because they can get old and new game titles at affordable prices. It’s a key selling point that has continued to draw more and more traffic to their site every year.


People can buy and sell game keys on Kinguin whenever they want. Kinguin marketplace has game keys, CSGO skins, anti-virus programs, Microsoft Home Office, and other popular software programs, Windows keys, gift cards, and much more.

Being able to buy quality games heavily discounted is a great selling point and the reason why Kinguin is so popular marketplace.

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How To Become Merchant On Kinguin?

You can either sell as a company (you need to create a merchant account) or as a private individual (which is referred to as a community offer or C2C).

  1. Create merchant account

    Merchant accounts are required if you’re planning on selling multiple game keys simultaneously. The Application must be filled to create a merchant account.

  2. Sell as community offer

    The C2C selling feature works well for people who don’t have their own companies.

    Customers who are using the C2C transaction feature are limited to 5 keys sold at a time (incl. inactive keys).

    If the customer would like to sell more, he is able to fill a form to become a merchant. 

  3. Provide information

    Kinguin will need information for merchant accounts. They will ask for a company registration certificate, ID, and other details to confirm identity.

  4. Wait for Kinguin to respond

    It often takes Kinguin about 2-3 days to review incoming merchant account applications.

    If you are accepted, you will get all the information that you will need so that you can sell items on Kinguin’s website.

Kinguin Selling Fees

Eneba, Gamivo, G2A, and Kinguin’s online marketplaces are similar to eBay but for game keys.

They let third parties sell game keys for Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC, etc. Prices on the games offered on these sites are often heavily discounted.

Buyers don’t have to wait weeks or months for discounts on Origin, Steam, or other similar sites to buy games. They can at any time buy games on marketplaces like Kinguin where prices are always lower.

How to become merchant on Kinguin adn start selling?

Kinguin is only a marketplace. It connects buyers and sellers. All game keys on site are from third-party sellers who have put those items up for sale.

Here is what you need to know if you wish to sell on Kinguin:

  • Kinguin has payout issues and didn’t pay their sellers for a long time. Some are still waiting to get their money. You can read more about it in my Kinguin payout delays post.
  • For every sold key there is an 15% + 0.3 € fee for selling (it can be less depending on your seller tier).
  • There is a fee for putting a product to sell. It is 0.2 € and is valid for 1 year (usually 60 days but currently 1 year).
  • The price change fee is 0.05 €. There are three free price changes per day for each product.
  • There is no cost for adding keys to the product listing
  • Available payout methods are Bank transfer, PayPal, and Payoneer.
  • The payout fee for PayPal Standard is 1% for up to 2000 EUR. For more than that is fixed 20 EUR. PayPal Express is 2.5% for up to 2000 EUR and 25 EUR fixed for everything above that. Payoneer has no payout fee. Bank payout is 7.5 EUR for up to 499.99 EUR and 5 EUR for everything above that.
  • Max payout limit is 8000 EUR and min 30 EUR for PayPal and 100 EUR for bank payout. It seems Payooner doesn’t have limits.
  • There is no currency exchange fee as your balance is always in EUR in which payouts are made too.
  • Payout review time is 30 days (it can be less depending on your seller tier).
  • There is no refund fee in case you refund the payment to the buyer.
  • Payouts are usually done in 5 business days.

How To Sell On Kinguin Conclusion

Should you go with G2A or Kinguin? Or maybe rather try Gamivo and Eneba for selling keys?

Selling games on G2A is the best option. They have the highest site visitor traffic of all of the online game marketplaces mentioned above. There’s a better chance of selling more games because of the number of people who visit their website each day.

Kinguin is the second busiest game marketplace currently (though Eneba will surpass it soon). It’s worth selling games on their site. Kinguin’s seller fees aren’t very high. However, they’re not the lowest in the industry, either. Eneba has the lowest fees.

Your main concern about selling on Kinguin should be that they have issues with paying their merchants and a history of using merchant money in private business endeavors.

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