Where To Buy Cheapest PC Game Keys For Steam, Origin, Uplay?

Video games represent a big source of entertainment. However, game costs can quickly add up. It’s not uncommon for gamers to spend $1,000 or more annually on their favorite titles, consoles, in-game items, etc. That is why many try to find stores to buy cheapest PC game keys.


This is where online game stores that sell game keys come into play. They sell game keys at affordable prices and have a big catalog of various game titles. Even games that you can’t purchase on Steam anymore.

Best Stores To Buy Cheapest PC Game Keys

Here’s a brief list of some of the best places to find cheap game codes for PC and console titles:


Most gamers have either used G2A’s site or have at least heard about it. G2A online marketplace was designed to connect game sellers and buyers.

Game keys for Epic Games, Origin, Uplay, Steam, GOG, XBOX, PS, etc. titles can be purchased and sold on their website. You can also find a nice selection of gift cards, 3D game skins, apparel, gaming chairs, electronics, and other items.

what is g2a

People visit G2A.com regularly because they’re well-known for having some of the lowest prices for game keys.

G2A Loot is part of the G2A ecosystem where you can buy loot boxes. Loot boxes give users a chance to possibly win games at prices that are much less than the price at which it sells.

For more info about G2A, you can check:


Kinguin is another popular site that connects sellers and buyers. Besides cheap Steam cd keys, you will also find keys for Origin, Uplay, GOG, Epic Games as well as Microsoft Home Office, Windows, and other software and gift cards, CSGO skins, etc.

All game keys on Kinguin site are provided by various third party sellers.

kinguin scam
Kinguin offers game keys at very affordable prices.

Sellers list game keys that they have for sale on Kinguin’s website. Sellers can be companies or individuals.

They purchase game keys in bulk at a discount from official suppliers, or buy them in certain countries where the particular game keys are less expensive, and then resell on site like Kinguin.

For more info about Kinguin, you can check:


Eneba is relatively new to the online game key marketplace. It works much like G2A, Kinguin, and Gamivo. You can find a great assortment of games at very affordable prices on Eneba’s site.

There are discounted Steam keys, GOG, Origin, Epic Games, game keys for Xbox, Uplay, Battle.net, PSN, Nintendo Switch, etc.

how to become seller on eneba

In addition to that, there are gift cards for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PSN, Blizzard, Google Play, Netflix, Apple iTunes, Amazon, etc.

You can sell or buy game keys on Eneba’s website. You can also purchase keys for various antivirus software programs as well as Xbox and Nintendo memberships.

For more info about Eneba, you can check:


Gamivo site is focused on providing better choices to gamers in a highly competitive market.

is gamivo safe to use

You’ll find Steam codes cheap, Origin, Uplay, GOG, Bethesda, Epic Games, Battle.net, etc. on Gamivo’s site. You can even purchase Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, PUBG cases, software licenses, Xbox Live memberships, Nintendo CD keys, Playstation Network cards, keys for Windows and Microsoft Office products.

For more info about Gamivo, you can check:

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming’s site has many tempting offers for pre-orders and new releases. You probably won’t find these kinds of deals on any other online marketplace sites.

Green Man Gaming is an official partner of several well-known game developers. That’s why you’ll often find titles that you can pre-order or purchase at reduced prices on the same day that they are released on Steam.

Is Green Man Gaming safe to use?

The company has been in operation for over ten years, with many satisfied customers. Their more than ten thousand positive Trustpilot reviews speak to their credibility and trustworthiness.

For more info be sure to check my Green Man Gaming review.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle first launched in 2010. It started offering “bundles” which are a collection of games offered at a lower price. Part of the profits from their sales is donated to charity.

Their initial bundles consisted mainly of independent titles. They’ve since evolved to offering many well-known AAA titles in bundles and they have opened a store.

humble bundle review

Bundles are available under the “pay what you want” strategy. You can buy plenty of games at a cheap price. In each bundle, some of the more popular games can only be purchased if you pay at least min amount required.

You can also browse the Humble Store for regular sales. Either way, store, and bundles comprise some of the best ways to save money when gaming.

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Fanatical is an online game marketplace that has deep discounts on many of the most recent and popular titles. They have PC games, 3DS, and Switch titles at low prices. This is rare because Nintendo hardly ever sells their titles at reduced prices.

Fanatical store sells various game titles and game bundles.

The regular prices on Fanatical’s site are also impressive. They often have flash sales and other regular promotions where you can buy games for less.

Their bundles are definitely worth checking out and work on a similar principle as Humble Bundle bundles. Each bundle is a combination of several games all available together for a reduced rate.

For more info, you can check my is Fanatical legit post where I show its pros and cons.


GamesPlanet has been around since 2006. They only have PC games for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s a great place to find new and old PC games at reasonable prices.

You can check their site to find special promotions such as flash sales, weekly deals, and other offers where you can buy cheapest PC game keys. GamesPlanet has a good working relationship with Developer Digital, CD Project Red, EA, and other popular game publishers.

Is Gamesplanet legit to use?

There are individual categories for different games on their site. You can search through them to locate the titles you’re looking for. You can also find information about particular games on the Community section of the website.

For more info you can check my GamesPlanet review.


Gameflip has a wide assortment of various game titles that sell third-party sellers. It works on a similar concept as G2A, Kinguin, Eneba. You receive your orders quickly as game keys are usually delivered automatically.

Gameflip store provides option to sell digital and physical items.

You can find dozens of games using the free mobile app or using the regular Gameflip website.

Gameflip’s Marketplace has an amazing assortment of titles from popular game developers and publishers. The Gameflip Guarantee ensures that you’ll receive games without any issues.

For more info you can check my Gameflip review.


The MMOGA online marketplace has a variety of game cards, virtual currencies, games, and other gaming products. All items are from third-party sellers and are priced at reduced rates.

MMOGA has virtual currencies such as Aion Kinah, Pokemon Go, CS:GO, Final Fantasy 14 Gil, Game Shows, WOW Gold, and others.

They also sell FIFA Coins for Ultimate Team mode as well as other game keys and game cards. Game card and game key orders have guaranteed email delivery in 5 to 10 minutes. Online game currency deliveries are usually completed in 24 hours or less.

MMOGA has quickly become the game services mediation market leader. Their digital game and virtual product selections have continued to grow every year. Users can take advantage of regular deals, special promotions, seller deals, and other discount offers.

For more info, be sure to check my MMOGA review.

Instant Gaming

Instant Gaming has been known as one of the most reliable game marketplaces. Games are sorted on their site according to language, platform, price, ratings, and region.

instant gaming review

You can buy cheap Steam keys, GOG, Origin, Uplay, Battle.net, etc. There are also, Xbox, PS, and Nintendo 3DS game keys. Instant Gaming accepts payments made via Skrill, PayPal, and Bitcoin.

For more info you can check my Instant Gaming review.


GamersGate distributes digital games through its online store. They sell game keys and even DRM-free games that are downloaded directly. GamersGate doesn’t always have the newest titles. However, it does have a unique “Blue Coin” system.

g2a alternative shops

Users can earn coins by answering help topics, posting game reviews, purchasing games, and participating in various activities in the GamersGate community. Those coins can then be used to buy games on GamersGate’s website.

For more info you can check my GamersGate review.


IndieGala operates somewhat similarly to Humble Bundle and Fanatical. Indie Gala offers a collection of games as part of a bundle at reduced prices as well as a big selection of game titles via its store.

Indie Gala store offers game deals and game bundles.

Indie Gala has different bundle sales posted on a regular basis. You can check their site to see what sales they’re currently offering. You could even win a few games by participating in their special offers and giveaways.

For more info, be sure to check is IndieGala legit review where I go into details about this store.


WinGameStore started in 2014 branching off from MacGameStore, its sister website. They sell game keys for Windows and Linux games. They strive for complete customer satisfaction with every purchase.

WinGameStore is a distributor of digital download games for Windows and Linux.

WinGameStore has very reasonable game prices, new titles, daily deals, and dedicated customer service.

For more info, check my WinGameStore review.

Cheap PC Keys Conclusion

These sites can help you find a great deal on the games you want and buy cheapest PC game keys available. Most of them let you sign up for newsletters and email alerts so that you won’t miss out on any important deals or updates.

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