18 Sites Like Kinguin – What Are Best Kinguin Alternatives?

Kinguin is very popular marketplace for game keys, and in this post I will discuss best sites like Kinguin which you can also use to purchase game keys.

Blizzard, GOG, Epic Games, Steam, Origin, Uplay, and other sites make it easy for gamers to purchase their favorite titles. There are many popular platforms to choose from. The only real concern is being able to find the games you want at prices you can afford.

Most gamers are looking for options to buy cheapest PC game keys and console game codes. That can mean waiting several weeks or months after a particular game has been released for discount promotions or a reduction in price once the initial demand for that game has decreased.

Kinguin is one of the most popular game marketplaces since its launch in 2013. It has over 4 million customers across the globe. Yyou can check my Kinguin review for more details.

Kinguin lets people buy and sell game keys at prices that won’t break the budget. Kinguin is widely used because people are able to purchase games at considerable discounts.


Kinguin itself doesn’t sell game keys. Instead, they are providing platform for third-party sellers to sell on ther marketplace. For more info about that topic, you can check how to sell on Kinguin article.

On Kinguin, customers can also buy anti-virus software, Microsoft Office, and other software programs, Windows keys, CSGO skins, and gift cards. Kinguin helps buyers and sellers connect.

You can find game keys on their site for just about every genre and interest. There is plenty of action, adventure, anime, classic, fighting, horror, indie, sports games, etc. You can even purchase game skins, gift cards, Microsoft Office Suite products, and software keys for popular antivirus programs.

Sites Like Kinguin

Kinguin is one of several game marketplaces available that offers the option to buy and sell game keys. Each site has different features but mostly the same games for sale. You may want to check them all out before making a buying decision. Alternatives to Kinguin are G2A, Eneba, and Gamivo.

If you are interested in how Kinguin compares with other marketplaces like G2A, Eneba, and Gamivo then be sure to check my Kinguin vs G2A vs Gamivo vs Eneba comparison where I have in detail compared features and fess of each marketplace.


Most people have already heard about or used the G2A marketplace. G2A is most popular Kinguin alternative. Their site was designed to help buyers and sellers find each other. You cn also see my G2A review where I have showed all pros and cons.

Game keys for Origin, Epic Games, Uplay, Steam, etc. titles can be bought and sold there. Gaming chairs, apparel, electronics, software licenses, gift cards, 3D skins, and other items can also be purchased on their site.

G2A has quickly become well known as one of the best places to buy game keys at low prices. There even have loot boxes that give gamers a chance of winning the games for way less than regular retail prices.

what is g2a

Kinguin and G2A have a lot in common. None of them have any actual physical game inventories. Third-party sellers sell all game keys on their sites. Buyers don’t know exactly where the games they purchase on these sites come from.

G2A and Kinguin’s business practices are very similar. Almost every game that you’ll find on their sites is legal to buy. The primary difference is the fact that some of Kinguin’s merchants have expressed difficulties in receiving payouts. My post about Kinguin payout delays covers this issue in greater detail.

When you’re looking at buying game keys, the marketplace that you select should be one that has the best price. Once you’ve purchased a game key on G2A, you’ll receive an email with game key information.

Your purchases on G2A are covered by G2A money back guarantee so you should be able to get refund in case of any issues.

You can then log into your account on the respective gaming platform (Uplay, Steam, Ubisoft, etc.) to activate the key that you bought. You can then download games from the particular platform’s game servers.

If you would like to sell on G2A then be sure to check my post how to become seller, or best sites like G2A to see what are alternative marketplaces.


Eneba is another site like Kinguin. It is a newer online game marketplace that operates similarly to Kinguin. It already has an impressive library of game titles available from Battle.net, Epic Games, GOG, Nintendo Switch, Origin, PSN, Steam, Uplay, Xbox, etc.

You can also buy gift cards for Amazon, Apple iTunes, Blizzard, Google Play, Nintendo Switch, PSN, Steam, Xbox, etc. For more information regarding Eneba, as well as pros and cons, check my Eneba review.

You can buy or sell on Eneba site. Eneba will probably be the cheapest place to buy keys as they have the lowest merchant fees.

how to become seller on eneba

Offers are listed according to a category, platform, popularity, price, etc. Clicking on a game will bring you to the title’s product page.

Eneba charges a 5% commission to game sellers. This is a lower commission rate than what Gamivo, G2A, and Kinguin currently charge. That’s why you’ll find popular games for the lowest prices on Eneba’s website.

Except for applicable payment gateway fees, you won’t be charged additional fees for anything that you buy on Eneba. There are no additional paid protection programs in case of issues with game keys, unlike with G2A, Gamivo, or Kinguin.


Gamivo is another great marketplace to purchase games. It’s not quite as popular as Kinguin or G2A but you can also buy and sell game keys on their site. Only digital products are sold on Gamivo. There are no physical items on their website.

Once you’ve purchased your game key, an email containing your activation code is then sent to you. After you have your code, you can then go on to the appropriate gaming site (Blizzard’s app, Origin, Steam, Uplay, or others) to enter your code.

Follow the instructions that appear and you’re ready to play! Only people who are registered users of Gamivo’s website can purchase game codes.

gamivo how it works

Game keys can be purchased for Epic Games, Uplay, Bethesda, Steam, Origin, Battle.net, GOG, etc. You can also purchase Xbox live memberships, Playstation Network cards, PUBG keys, Microsoft Windows and Office keys, Nintendo CD keys, iTunes gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and other software licenses.

Once you’ve bought a particular game key, you’ll receive a fully functioning digital activation code via email. To activate it, all you need to do is to visit the Blizzard, Origin, Steam, Uplay, or other game site and follow the instructions to activate the code.

Gamivo’s website is simple and intuitive. Games are sorted according to genres, new releases, platforms, popularity, and pre-orders. You can also look for recently sold items, best sellers, games currently priced under 5€ or under 10€. For pros, cons and features check my Gamivo review.

Other Kinguin Alternatives

Below you can find more websites like Kinguin. The following sites are places where you can only buy game keys from a single seller (shop).

Kinguin, G2A, Eneba, and Gamivo allow you to buy (from many third-party sellers) and sell game keys. You will most likely pay more for game keys found on below sites than you would at Eneba G2A, Gamivo or Kinguin.


GreenManGaming is a good place to find AAA titles, indie games, and other popular games at affordable prices. The site is easy to use.

Game prices are always displayed in regional currencies so that you know you’re getting the best deal every time. Payments are accepted from credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.

websites like g2a

You can also purchase games before they’re released. GreenManGaming’s site has a handy “coming soon” section where you can pre-order upcoming titles.

Clicking on a game in this section will give you more information about what you’ll receive when you buy that title.

Green Man Gaming is legit website and safe to buy from. I recommend checking it for available hot deals.


GamesPlanet has been around since 2006. It only sells Windows, Mac, and Linux PC games. It’s a good place to find quality PC titles.

The site has weekly deals, flash sales, and other specials and promotions. They have collaboration with Devolver Digital, EA, CD Projekt Red, and other popular game publishers.

You can scroll through different categories to find the games you want. You can also check out the site’s Community section to learn more about the different titles that they have to offer.

Instant Gaming

Instant Gaming is one of the most reliable online game stores. You can use the site’s filters to find games sorted by language, platform, price, region, and ratings.

They have games for Uplay, Origin, Battle.net, Steam, GOG, etc. You can also buy keys for Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo 3DS titles. Payments from Skrill, Paypal and Bitcoin are accepted on their site.

instant gaming review

You can find game genre tags, system requirements, gaming platforms, and other information on Instant Gaming’s product page. You can find out how many users are currently on that page, how many keys remain for that item, and how many languages the game currently supports.

For more info you can check my Instant Gaming review where I discuss is Instant Gaming legit and safe to use.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is another affordable option. They have a nice selection of game titles, but the site is best known for its game bundles. Their bundles usually have a good AAA title or two along with several impressive independent titles.

All current offers can be found on the site’s store page. This is where you’ll find all of their current specials.

humble bundle review

Humble Bundle has a store page where you can find a huge selection of games from various genres that range from AAA titles to indie games.

For more info you can check Humble Bundle review, or see sites like Humble Bundle.


GOG, or Good Old Games as it was previously known, has digital editions of old and new PC games. You can find copies of games for Linux, Mac, and Windows on their site.

It’s a good resource for finding Steam various game titles. They have PC client software called GOG Galaxy that you can install to play the games you want, just like Uplay, Origin, Steam.

best stores to purchase game keys

GOG’s convenient filters make it easier to find favorite games. You can search for titles that are sorted by features, genre, language, platform, and maximum/minimum price. You can also find games at great discounts.

They also offer great service after the sale. Any questions or queries left on their forums are typically answered in a few hours or less. Responses are posted by GOG staff or members of the gaming community.


IndieGala is similar to Humble Bundle. Both sites have great affordable independent titles. They also have a nice selection of AAA games for sale.

Indie Gala store offers game deals and game bundles.

They even have regular bundle sales. Check their site regularly to find the latest bundle deals. You could also win free games during their giveaways.

For more info, be sure to check IndieGala review.


Fanatical is a digital game store. It already has over one million customers. It went from offering a single bundle when it was first launched to being a very popular digital game marketplace with stores and regular game bundles.

For more info, be sure to check mine is Fanatical safe to use post.


WinGameStore formerly launched in 2014 from its sister store MacGameStore. It distributes digital copies of Linux and Windows games. They strive to give gamers the best shopping experience every time.

wingamestore review

WinGameStore provides customers with daily specials, new titles, impressive game bundles, great customer service, and helpful information to help them make buying decisions.

For more info, check is WinGameStore safe to use article.


GameFlip is a place where you can sell and buy game keys, gift cards, in-game items, and other digital game products. GameFlip is one of sites like Kinguin which has similar concept. GameFlip Guarantee ensures that all transactions will be secure and kept confidential.

The site first launched in 2005. You can buy game keys and physical game products on GameFlip. They have games and consoles for N64, NES, DS, and 3DS. Classic gamers will enjoy shopping on this site.

They also have Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation games available as well as a nice selection of both physical and digital versions of hit movies. You can also find several popular and inexpensive Steam, Uplay, Origin, GOG, and Battle.net PC games there. The gift cards on their sites usually sell for prices below suggested retail.

For more info you can check is Gameflip legit post where I have reviewed it and mentioned pros and cons of the site.


SCDkey is a good place to find affordable game keys. You can find keys for Uplay, Origin, Steam, and other platforms on their website. You can also purchase gift cards for Steam, Playstation, Xbox, etc.

You can visit the “coming soon” section of their site to buy pre-order games. There you’ll see which titles are going to go on sale soon and all of the early access titles that they have.

site like g2a

Selecting a particular product will redirect you to that item’s product description page. You can learn about the product’s region, availability, platform, and pricing. If you have concerns or questions about a game, you can always chat with SCDkey’s customer service reps.


GamersGate has keys for both Steam and non-Steam games available for purchase. During their sales, all items on their site are rather affordably priced.

Some indie games are available for less than a buck, similar to the offerings found on game bundle websites. You can purchase game keys and gift them to others if you’d like.

g2a alternative shops

There are also games that you can pre-order on their website. If you’re thinking about pre-ordering particular titles, take some time to compare prices with different sites. Most prices won’t vary too much, but there may be a few instances where shopping around can save some considerable cash.

For more info you can check is GamersGate legit store post review.


You can search for games separated by categories on DLgamer’s website. There are games that can be activated on GOG, Origin, Epic Games, Uplay, Steam, and other platforms.

Their store has some good discounts and special sales from time to time. Some of their AAA titles have been listed at prices that are half of manufacturers’ suggested retail rates.

The site accepts several different methods of payment. Their good rating on Trust Pilot ensures that you don’t have to worry about whether or not a game key purchased is genuine.


GamesRocket’s site has been active for several years. They have software, gift cards, and game keys on their website. They have many offers for indie games along with several popular games from well-known publishers.

They also have keys for software like antivirus software and other programs. All of their items are digital products. You’ll receive keys via email after you complete purchase.

GamesRocket also has memberships for online console games. Their memberships are for Nintendo Switch (online membership), Playstation (Plus), and Xbox (Gold).


CDKeys has been around for a long time. It’s one of the most reliable online game marketplaces. They have PC games (Steam, Origin and Uplay titles), Playstation 4 games, Xbox One games, and titles for Nintendo (3DS, Wii, U, and Switch).

Once you’ve made a purchase, CDKeys will email your game keys to you. They accept payments via credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, and PayPal.

Their AAA titles are often cheaper than the same offerings on Steam’s site. Most of the same games can usually be found for about five to ten percent more on competitors’ sites.


GamesDeal has game keys, console games, and gift cards at affordable prices. The deals page of their site is where you’ll find all of the latest deals and special offers. There you can find limited time promotions, their best deals, and even surprise deals from time to time.

GamesDeal also offered the “cloud activation” feature (they had this feature at one point, we’re not sure if it’s still being offered). This allowed customers to buy games at prices that were even lower than their deal prices. All you need to activate games using this service is your account and provide access to your Steam guard code.

Websites Like Kinguin FAQ

1. Which Kinguin alternatives are the best?

Gamivo, G2A and Eneba are the best options. They have the biggest selections at great prices.

2. What sites that are similar to Kinguin have the lowest prices?

Kinguin and G2A have the highest prices. Eneba and Gamivo have the lowest prices.

3. Why Eneba and Gamivo have cheaper prices than Kinguin?

Gamivo and Eneba’s seller fees are low. This enables sellers to sell games at lower prices.

4. What’s the most popular Kinguin alternative?

G2A is most popular, in terms of monthly traffic. From there, Kinguin, Eneba and Gamivo are the next most popular.

5. Are sites like Fanatical, HumbleBundle, GamersGate, Gamesplanet and GreenManGaming good Kinguin alternatives?

These sites are online stores. They’re not marketplaces where you can buy and sell game keys. That’s why these sites will usually have higher prices whenever they’re not running a sale or special promotion.

Sites Like Kinguin Conclusion

Kinguin claims that “its mission is to provide sellers and buyers all around the world the possibility to trade games at fair price with no hassle.” Kinguin is not a fake or scam site. You will get your game keys after you’ve bought them.

Kinguin is a fully legitimate website. It’s one you may already know or have heard about when looking for game keys online. There aren’t any other authorized game key sellers that can even come close to their prices.

Kinguin’s prices are higher when compared to other similar online game marketplaces like Gamivo and Eneba. When you compare their prices to Origin, Uplay, Steam, and other, Kinguin’s prices are quite reasonable and affordable.

Kinguin is perfectly legal, but there may still be times when you receive a game key that doesn’t work. Some keys may be revoked for various reasons. Other game keys may stop working after a while, or they might not ever work at all. Unfortunately, you’ll never know the source of these game keys.

To avoid potential problems, it’s a good idea to read seller reviews before you buy. It can also help to have more than one resource for finding your favorite games.

Read each review carefully to ensure that you’re dealing with a reliable seller. You want to find the best deal and the best value for your hard-earned money. Check this sites like Kinguin and buy from one which offers lowest price.

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